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Reviews on John Lyon, Mill Hill, Aldenham Secondary Schools

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TeaAndToastMum Tue 23-Aug-16 12:43:01

Would like any opinions/rankings/reviews of the following three secondary schools:
Mill Hill School
John Lyon

and also perhaps any recommendations for my son's needs.

He will be applying for Year 10, he is strong in Maths, Science and MFL but his English is average. He is not big on team sports. Preferably a school to give him a push but not pressure him too much.

Sabrina108 Thu 16-Feb-17 11:35:18

I'd be interested too...torn between Aldenham and John Lyons...have offer from both at 11+ for DS

TheLiquidator Thu 16-Feb-17 13:46:19

With a son at Aldenham who has friends at the others schools and having looked at and received offers from all three a few years ago I can probably help! DS is fairly sporty, maths / sciences inclined and middling at English. GCSE results reflected that with As / A*s in the maths / sciences and history and we were very pleased / almost surprised when he achieved Bs in English. The English teacher in year 11 did a great job with him. Friends at Mill Hill had similar results, John Lyon probably a little lower. All boys have loved their schools and generally stayed for the 6th form. I highly rate Aldenham - the setting is amazing, the sports facilities are great and the flexi boarding has suited us. The day is longer than at the other schools but the coaches work well and the school communicates well with parents. Choice wise it is difficult - all three schools are excellent and do very well by their pupils without being pushy / hot housey. I would consider ease of journey more than anything and select accordingly. Good luck!

JamDonutsRule Thu 16-Feb-17 15:02:03

Alden ham would be regarded as the least academic, however it does have a reputation for stretching all children and being extremely nurturing. It is less selective than Mill Hill & John Lyon AFAIK, so IMHO the results it achieves are perfectly reasonable.

Mill Hill I felt had a lot of bells and whistles but I didn't feel it had much value added, but then my DC is currently at a similar school (not London) which is slightly less selective but gets much higher results.

Sabrina108 Mon 20-Mar-17 22:53:42

John Lyons school reviews please?

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