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Nangobi Fri 19-Aug-16 19:11:55

My daughter received her AS levels results yesterday (she's away so they came by post). We weren't expecting great grades because though she's pretty bright, we didn't believe she'd done enough work. ..... , despite the nagging, encouragement, threats, cajoling, bribery etc........sigh.
Failed maths and got C and a D in others 2. V frustrating as she's always had great reports but last couple years her commitment as really dipped.
Tried ringing school, just got answer machine. Another parent went in person to discuss something and was told no one available as school officially closed. Thought that odd on a results day (?!) but there we are.

Really don't know what to do next. Have chatted to a few people who say to resit the year but not even sure if school will give that as an option. Hubby says she must resit, including the maths (she'll no doubt need extra tuition on that as well tho). I do think if she knuckled down, if she pulled her finger out and if she took this a lot more seriously, she could turn it around (but that's a lot of 'ifs').
Will school even let her resit them, especially the maths?
What about college for resits?
How do unis view resits?
Really hoping this will have given her a kick up the backside - I always said that she found school far too easy and that when it came to GCSe/Alevels she'd have a shock if she didn't work at them, sooooo wish I'd been wrong on that one.

TeenAndTween Fri 19-Aug-16 19:22:36

What does your daughter want to do?

What did she get for GCSEs?
Does she want to continue and succeed with A levels? Has this given her the kick she needs? Or is her heart not really in them?

She may be able to 'restart' A levels at a different school or a 6th form college and re-do y12.

Or she may be better off restarting at college with a more vocational BTEC (see the BTEC thread that I started today). You can still go to uni with good BTEC grades (though choice of courses will be restricted, However courses will be restricted with poor A level grades too.) Or an apprenticeship.

TeenAndTween Fri 19-Aug-16 19:23:29

What is she interested in? Someone may be able to suggest a suitable BTEC.

noblegiraffe Fri 19-Aug-16 19:31:35

She may not be allowed to resit Y12 in her sixth form unless she does a different set of subjects - I know there are schools that don't allow repeating the same ASs, I've got a vague idea that it's a problem with funding but I'm not sure.

Why is your DH insisting that she resits maths? If she has been forced into subjects not of her choice, then it's possible she'll just fail again.

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