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Prendergast School, Hilly Fields- music aptitude test

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justaboutgoodenough Tue 16-Aug-16 22:22:36

Hello, I'm just trying to find out whether anyone has been successful in getting their dc to pass the music aptitude test for Prendergast in recent years? If so, what did it take in terms of revision/familiarity with the aural test and the audition/interview etc. My dd has just passed Grade2 piano and is really enthusiastic about it
but has to work hard at it, not a naturally gifted player I'd say. Also, any pointers on potential deadlines for 2017 would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.... x

MajorBumsore Thu 18-Aug-16 09:50:05

Having spoken to various members of staff at Prendergast (in a professional capacity) they seem to be looking for something a bit different. One member of staff suggested to me that they would prefer an applicant who was a singer/harmonica player than a piano player (sorry). However, this was just one point of view. I do know that they conduct an interview where they expect the applicant to be able to talk about various genres of music with a degree of knowledge and be able to pinpoint which genre they prefer and why.
Don't know if that's of any help.

SE13Mummy Sat 20-Aug-16 01:10:07

My DD will be starting at Prendergast HF in a couple of weeks having secured a music place. We did very little preparation for the aural test beyond downloading a description of what the different aural tests would be like. Her instrumental teacher went through a couple of things with her during one of her lessons. There were lots of girls sitting the aural test last autumn but DD's letter inviting her to audition seemed to arrive pretty quickly.

At the audition DD played two pieces (unaccompanied, there's no option to perform with an accompanist) on her instrument (one was from an exam syllabus, the other was one she'd heard played at a concert and worked out how to play herself). She was asked about the pieces she'd chosen, the sort of music she liked playing/opportunities she had for playing etc. etc.

By the first weekend of the October half-term we'd received a letter saying she was one of the twelve girls who were being offered a music place.

When I spoke to the head of music at an open evening when DD was in Y5, I came away with the impression that the aural test was used to identify girls with a natural aptitude for music but that the audition was about identifying those who'd benefit most from/contribute most to the musical opportunities the school had to offer. It was made very clear that the complexity of pieces performed didn't matter nearly as much as the child's own enthusiasm for music.

Over the past six years I've known a handful of girls who've been offered music places. Of those, one plays flute, four play violin, one is a cellist, one a drummer and two play the trumpet. These girls were all playing at about grade 4/5 standard when they auditioned.

The school website gives details of the deadlines at each stage:

Good luck to your DD.

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