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Schools in Grantham

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Betts83 Sun 07-Aug-16 21:51:00


We are looking at moving from Hertfordshire up to the Newark / Grantham area as my husband travels a lot around the midlands and because of the choice of Grammar schools in Lincs which we don't have in Hertfordshire.

Do you have to live in Lincolnshire to get into Grantham Grammar or can you live in Nottinghamshire ? Is there a distance ranking or is it done just on test scores? Do people think Grantham / Sleaford & Bourne grammar schools good?

Thank you so much in advance. As we are clueless about the area yet from a recent visit it seems a lovely countryside area.

wormshuffled Mon 08-Aug-16 08:06:38

Hiya I live near grantham and have a DD at the girls grammar and a DS at the boys.
The girls KGGS works that if you pass it's done on distance, the LEA will be able to give you info on how far out this tends to go, although to give you an idea DD has friends who live 15 miles away.
The boys is done on scores although I wouldn't call it super selective. They have recently added a class and the score needed has consequently been lower for the last couple of years. 220 is the pass mark and last year if memory serves the boys needed 225 when DS started before the new class and the score needed was 235. Happy for you to PM me if you need more info .

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