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Hockey sticks

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MyakkaState Thu 04-Aug-16 22:28:30

Hi, can anyone advise on types of hockey stick? We need one for a beginner playing basic outdoor field hockey on astroturf at secondary school. We have 2 and don't know which is most suitable - one is a wooden Slazenger one off Ebay (a few years old but in v good condition) and one a lighter new Kookaburra one that wasnt expensive. Think it's composite.

What type of sticks are used nowadays in secondary schools/clubs? Are composite sticks used indoors or outdoors?

Heifer Fri 05-Aug-16 09:10:37

Hi, the composite stick is the better of the 2. Usually used by people that play more than just school hockey as they are usually more expensive. I would say both are absolutely fine - so she/he should try them both out and see which feels more comfortable for her/him.

The length is more important tbh - it should come up to her hips when she stands up straight. Anything longer or shorter will be a problem.

Hope this helps

Heifer Fri 05-Aug-16 09:16:50

re the question re composite sticks used indoor and outdoor - indoor sticks are different to outdoor sticks and can't be used outdoors. They are much lighter.

Composite are used in both indoor and outdoor sticks - so the material doesn't matter, but if it's an indoor stick (not as available generally as less people play indoor) then it can't be used outdoors.

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