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King's School Worcester vs RGS Worcester (SIXTH FORM)

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sa11y Wed 03-Aug-16 19:31:02

Evening all,

My DS is very academic and I feel is being held back slightly at his state academy (albeit in a nice area with decent pupils) - I also have always wanted a public school education for him but Eton, Harrow et al were all out of the question when he was 13 but now we have sorted our monies out and it is possible.

The two foremost public schools near us are the King's School Worcester and the Royal Grammar School Worcester. DS is due to start Year 11 in Sept. and thus we really feel as though we should not be dilly-dallying at this point. We have been round both and cannot choose between them, DS is extremely strong in History, English and Politics (outside) so one would assume that RGS' debating society which is highly decorated would be suitable but when we were looking round we found the politics facilities to be better at King's.

Any alumnus of these schools or parents with DS or DD there - could you enlighten me please!

Thanks x

reae1234 Thu 04-Aug-16 08:18:06

My DD is in the Sixth Form at RGS and part of the debating society. The politics teacher is the same teacher who leads the debating team - she is fantastic. They have also just won an award for their Careers Department and the preparation for Uni and work experience has been excellent.

LockedOutOfMN Sun 07-Aug-16 19:30:54

RGS had a great head who left a couple of years ago. Before that I heard so much from delighted parents and teachers about the place. English department was particularly mentioned as very strong. Since then haven't heard much, certainly never heard anything bad. Would assume that the excellent head from before would have left things in good shape and built up a strong staff?

Have heard a few mildly negative things about King's Worcester over the last few years (the one I remember most, which I heard more than once, was that class sizes are big at sixth form) but might just be sour grapes from disappointed parents whose children didn't work hard enough to get top grades...

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