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Cheltenham Ladies College?

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user1469707936 Sun 31-Jul-16 15:48:47

Hi Mumsnetterssmile

My daughter would like to go to Cheltenham Ladies College for sixth form from Ireland. She's academically gifted, and into extracurriculars like drama, music, debating, public speaking etc. She's not too sporty though. So what's the entrance procedure? What are the entrance exams like and what can my kid so to prepare for the exams? And any suggestions are welcomesmile. Thanks a lot!

ninenicknames Sun 31-Jul-16 15:52:05

How wonderful and what a lucky girl to have the opportunity to go.

I would suggest taking a look at their website and attend one of their open days, you can speak to current pupils etc

Good luck and hope she enjoys it!

bojorojo Mon 01-Aug-16 21:12:26

My DD applied there for 6th form and was accepted. This was around 8 years ago so I am a bit out of date. At that time, the school did actively recruit into the 6th form and we attended an open day specifically for the 6th form. I remember DD was spoken to informally by the Head of 6th form about what subjects she wanted to study and she was asked about her other interests - sport was not on her list either. She was then invited to take their scholarship exams based on the discussion. DD returned to the school on the due date and took the exams in 3 of her 4 A level choices. The fourth one was not possible as it was a new subject for DD. She was interviewed by the Head. She was not offered a scholarship (I didn't think she would be) but was asked to get 6 GCSEs at A grade to secure her place. DD achieved 9 A* and 2As. I don't know how many actually achieved the minimum of 6 As to get in but I would imagine most successful candidates achieved more highly than the bare minimum.

DD was very concerned on the day of the exams that some candidates were extremely on edge about the exams and success appeared to be very highly desired to please their parents. DD obtained a 6th form scholarship at her existing school so we turned the offer down from CLC. We did like the school and at that time the 6th form accommodation was separate from the lower school. We particularly liked the help alumni seemed to give 6th formers regarding work experience and advice.

If your DD is bright OP, she should be offered a place. If it is what you want, have a look round and go for it.

user1469707936 Mon 01-Aug-16 23:58:34

Thanks so much for the feedback! Just a quick question for you bojorojo, were the exams based on GCSE material? And I'm not sure about this, but some school seem to have sample papers from their past entrance exams, but I don't think Cheltenham has any? Once again, thanks so everyone who contributed. smile

Gruach Tue 02-Aug-16 06:43:41

Odd that you don't seem to have looked at CLC's own entrance information OP.

Having read everything they provide the next step would be to contact the school for any further advice.

bojorojo Tue 02-Aug-16 13:56:38

I think Gruach is right about speaking to the school and obviously the scholarship exams are looking for above and beyond. DD thought some gifted mathematicians were there for example. As it is some time ago now, I honestly cannot remember what DD said about the exams but she was not phased by them and was happy with what she did. It was clearly good enough to get in. I would go for it but read up on deadlines first and go and visit when you can. The reason we applied initially was because DD school was not offering a language at A level, that DD was excelling in at GCSE. She went in to do this at Degree level and her school changed their mind and offered it at A level so there was no great impetus to move when she got the academic scholarship as well.

user1469707936 Tue 02-Aug-16 14:06:28

Thanks for help everyone!

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