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Royal Grammer High Wycombe

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CookieDoughKid Sun 24-Jul-16 00:22:44

Can weekly boarders at RGH go home on a Friday rather than leave on Sats? Is that an option? It's not clear on their website docs. Hoping someone might know if you have a dc at RGH. Thanks, am considering this school as boarding option.

USR Tue 23-Aug-16 21:26:26

Yes, pretty sure weekly boarders can leave on a Friday, because they also have boarders who (I forget the term for them, maybe daily boarders) can arrive at school early, like 7:30, and can stay til late, like 8:30pm - this helps if you have two working parents. (i.e. they don't BOARD or stay over, but they spend the majority of their day at school/ in the boarding house).

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