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Creative co-ed schools like Alleyns/Latymer north London

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DeadDuckFace Mon 11-Jul-16 12:51:13

Hi all,

So I posted earlier about schools similar to Alleyns and got a great response. DH has just been offered a job in North London, not starting for a while but will mean that since we were planning on moving anyway for ds secondary school, worth considering looking over the river. Ds is fairly academic (top sets for English and Maths at his prep school - top of his set in English), on an art scholarship programme and loves drama. Absolutely useless at sport and Dyspraxic so we need somewhere creative and not with a massive emphasis on the tough boy sports like rugby. We would prefer co-ed because ds is gentle and gets on well with girls and boys alike, he'd be fine in a boy's school if it isn't too 'Alpha' but I think co-ed would be better.

Forestglade Mon 11-Jul-16 18:34:06

Highgate sounds a good fit.

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