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Bishop Wordsworth Salisbury

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jmspbro Sun 10-Jul-16 22:38:19

DS1 will be taking his 11+ in September for the Poole and Bournemouth Grammar schools.

An outside option is Bishop Wordsworth in Salisbury.

Is there anyone out there living in Poole/Bournemouth or Dorset whose DS is attending BWS currently?

We are looking at transport options and would like to hear from others on how they make the journey.


kitnkaboodle Mon 11-Jul-16 13:31:44

Sorry, this is probably unhelpful, but BW is quite local to me and I know a few boys who have gone there. Don't they have a very strict catchment area?? I know people who have moved to Salisbury specifically to get their boys in. Not sure how you'd manage it from Dorset ..??

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