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Extra time Form 1 vs Form 8

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Eastyone Wed 29-Jun-16 09:35:00

My daughter qualified for extra time in exams due to handwriting (speed and legibility) reading comprehension and working memory. They used 2 tests (DASH & TOWRE) both of which showed low results (DASH 54 and TOWRE 75). We thought the school had filled in and submitted a form 8 so as she is leaving asked for a copy.
We are now told they didn't use this information and instead submitted a form 1 using hearing test results and a letter for the TOD? We asked for a copy of Form 1 and are told they have no information as it has all been submitted online. Would they not be able to print a copy and surely
they have this in their records. Also this is going to make thing more difficult for my daughter at 6th form as her hearing seems to be improving and we'll have to start again to get the 25%.

mummytime Wed 29-Jun-16 11:00:55

You'd probably have to start again anyway for sixth form, my DD needed a whole batch of new tests this year. I'd tell the sixth form in writing what you've been told (both originally and now). They will schedule her in for the tests and it will go from there.

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