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Radnor house

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tambram Mon 27-Jun-16 09:44:49

We have been looking to move our son from a state school to Radnor house in September this year starting year 9. The admission was completed in early 2015 when he had just started year 7. Since then clearly he has settled into his current state school plus has grown up enough to have his own (and strong) views. He went to the induction day at radnor last week and was unimpressed. He felt that the school was not going to be academically challenging. They had apparently brought out their best teachers for the lessons and he did not feel they were engaging at all. Frankly I don't feel much impressed anymore either. Their induction day letter came with basic errors on the dates, there was no explanation as to when the fees need to be paid and on contacting them it turned out I had to put up the fees much earlier than I thought - you would think they might want to let parents know! plus their administration seems to be having problems as one team had our correct address and another didn't. When I visited the school in end 2014 I was impressed with Paton. But he has since moved on and it appears so has the team l. I wonder if this is right anymore. Meanwhile the fee payment date is looming. My son's view is there is no material difference and that he is better off aiming to change at sixth form preferably attempt grammar as this was not something he could do in year 7 as we were not in the country. His current school has a number of issues but has been working hard to improve. As an academically bright child I worry whether I am making the right choices for him. Any views highly welcome.

Cleo1303 Tue 28-Jun-16 11:05:19

This is quite difficult. I've heard lovely things about Radnor House, but it isn't known for being a particularly academic school. It tends to be a fall-back school in many cases.

How do the GCSE results compare with the school where your son is now? That might give you an idea of how well they have been doing.

Cleo1303 Tue 28-Jun-16 11:09:13

I think Kew House has some spaces in Year 9. You could have a look at that if it isn't too far away. Again, it's not incredibly academic but it may be more so than Radnor House. It has only been open a couple of years but I think the owners are quite ambitious.

amidawish Tue 28-Jun-16 16:41:07

if you're feeling this unsure you would be crazy to pay £18k a year...

JudyCoolibar Tue 28-Jun-16 18:44:10

If your son doesn't like it, I would say it's a definite no-no. Their results don't look that great so his view of the teaching could well be correct.

hopesanddreams444 Mon 11-Jul-16 17:32:55

That's a shame your son didn't enjoy the induction day. I have two highly academic children at RH, one about to go into Y9. My children love this school and you are right in saying it is not an academic hot house - it values all its students - however, those that are academic will achieve highly here. The teachers are dedicated and talented and the new Head is equally so. Its results may not be the best in town, but there is considerable value added that this school achieves with its students. It sounds like your son is now happy with his current school and does not really want to move at this stage, which is understandable. I just wanted to reassure you that if he does move, he will be at an excellent school where he will achieve great things. Good luck with your decision. It must be difficult.

Jody867 Mon 07-Nov-16 10:00:04

Is there a bullying problem at Radnor house at the moment. I know of one family who has removed their year 7 child already due to exvess bullying and as my child is due to hopefully start in September - I would like to be assured that bulkying is taken seriously are dealt with effectively. Otherwise we need to rethink our decsison.

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