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Sidcot school

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plop05 Mon 20-Jun-16 22:39:45

Hi , My son is starting at Sidcot in September Y7. I would love to hear some feedback on the school to ease my mind and to know where do people generally live when there children don't board. I have to look for a house quickly and want to narrow the search area. many thanks x

RequestInUse Mon 20-Jun-16 23:02:18

Not had a child there and a lot can change in 4.5yrs.

However, I volunteered there and did a bit in all age ranges. I was shocked to find some KS2 children did not know their alphabet despite very small numbered classes. But I guess some of that is due to the fact that if your child needs a TA it cost you more.

That said, most teachers and staff seemed good and nice, lessons were good, grounds are lovely, food was good but most importantly the (new-ish then) head seemed commited and lovely.

Shame the riding school has been closed down but I believe there is still something for students with horses.

Windscomb is the closest place to live. It is a nice village, expensive though and limited in amenities, a pub, co-op, few small Independant shops and take aways and beauty salon. A little further away is Banwell which would be cheaper to buy but has less in the way of amenities than Windscomb. Both have become a bit of a through road though and spoils the country village feel somewhat. Cheddar is also fairly close. And is like a larger, more well known Windscomb.

Hope DS enjoys the school.

plop05 Tue 21-Jun-16 18:00:53

hi and thanks very much for all your info with regards to school and the village. Going to look at a house in Winscomb on Friday.

RequestInUse Tue 21-Jun-16 18:03:43

Good luck and happy house hunting smile

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