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In year admissions

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Mumofmanychores Tue 14-Jun-16 13:59:18

New thread started as advised.

We gave notice for ds to leave his independent school (personal reasons) at the end of the summer term. An in year application was made to our LA for a year 9 place beginning of March for our 4 nearest schools. No schools were offered and no school places available in the whole borough.

Now we are in June I was getting concerned there was still no news and coming up to the end of the academic year I decided to call them twice.

I told them As of 7th July my ds would have no school as they would have broke up. Still no school places available in the borough and the LA are saying they won't be looking into it until July. I have asked whether he would have a school place in Sept and if not how long will he be out of school and they said 3 weeks maybe he would be out of school. But honestly I don't think they actually know.

My question is why should a child start school later then everyone else despite given ample notice. Surely it's advisable to find something prior to Sept so that we could liase with school and sort out gcse options, uniform etc. Now he probably won't start til oct missing out on possible vital info.

If there are still no school spaces in July how will they go about finding a space and where and how long will it all take.

Mumofmanychores Tue 14-Jun-16 14:13:14

Another call to the admissions just now and have got a little more info.

They have said if no school places have come up by end of academic year 19th July then it will be referred to the panel for fair access in which I should find out a couple weeks after that. Does this sound about right as know nothing about panels

admission Tue 14-Jun-16 22:05:07

yes that sounds about right. It is what would have been my suggestion, the LA cannot simply ignore you once you have made a formal request for a school place. If there none available then they should be using the Fair Access Protocol to get your son a place. Just do not expect it to be at the nearest school to you, the way it operates is that all schools have to take their fair share of pupils in similar situations, so it could be any school they allocate to you, within reasonable distance.

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