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Tonytiger Thu 09-Jun-16 13:01:31

Please help !!!
Does anyone have Ds at Millfield school. We have been advised that our very sporty, very dyslexic ds is not going to cope in his current school, Millfield looks like a good fit. I would really appreciate any inside information on how well children with Ls are supported. Any thoughts on standard of Pastoral care in general, also how well do they keep a lid on the more undesirable aspects of teenage life !! Are they really as good as they claim in supporting gifted athletes.?? Sorry, so many questions. We find ourselves in a difficult situation and we are so worried that we could potentially jump from the frying pan to the fire !!
Thank you, Thank you !!

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Stopyourhavering Thu 09-Jun-16 19:48:43

our ds went to Millfield prep for year 8 as her state secondary school was appalling at helping her with dyslexia/dyspraxia and dyscalculia(despite her having a full statement!)....they more or less wrote her off and said she'd likely only get a few GCSEs
I'd heard about Millfield as we'd been planning on relocating to SW so she boarded for a was an amazing experience!, small class sizes and very nurturing...lots of extra curricular activities to keep her occupied at weekends and she loved horse riding and swimming and arts/crafts
unfortunately our relocation never occurred and we couldn't continue with the boarding fees, so she came back home and went to local independent school...However the year at Millfield saw her move on in her educational achievements and gained in confidence...she came away with 10 A-C GCSEs, 4 A levels and is just about to graduate with a 2:1 and going to ancient Scottish Uni to complete a post grad qualification- none of this would have been possible without that year away imo

Tonytiger Thu 09-Jun-16 23:21:52

stopyourhavering, Thank you so much for your reply, it's really encouraging to hear your ds had such a life changing and positive experience at Millfield. What a fabulous outcome for her you must be delighted!!! As you are well aware these wonderful gifted children can so often be written of at an early age it always feels like such a battle just to keep them treading water let alone achieve their potential. Good luck with the post grad !! what an adventure.

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happygardening Fri 10-Jun-16 10:07:40

I was talking to someone very recently who knows the school very well and would genuinely know what was going on. They were sayings it's a very big school and a sink or swim environment I'm not sure he thought the pastoral care was absolutely fantastic but for sport he felt it can't be beaten. In DS's slightly niche sport they field an exceedingly large and capable team with lots of GB players. There is someone on here who will disagree but at every school you'll find people who have different experiences both positive and negative but the person mentioned above told me that for sport the sporting record of their alumni speak for themselves.
I worked with a women who sent her DC's there (all horsey) and was delighted and surprised by how well her "not very academic" DC's did and I know someone else with pretty recent experience who doesn't say anything negative about it.
St Edwards is maybe another one to look at, string on the standard sports rugby rowing etc, good pastoral care but they like many of a similar ilk may not be able to help "very* dyslexic pupils.

tickinglists Wed 15-Jun-16 22:55:40

In our very recent experience Millfield has a very 'one size fits all' when it comes to LS. The head of the LS kept telling us about all the 'vocational' subjects that dyslexic students could take. She did not seem to understand that dyslexic students are actually just as academic as non dyslexic students - but they just might be a bit slower at reading or writing or might need additional support. It felt a bit like 50 years ago when dyslexic children would go to the local tech college that did hair dressing and brick laying! Plus if your child does not do at least two modern languages due to their dyslexia then your child is immediately put in C Band - no matter how good they actually are at their individual subjects. They are not allowed in the A or B bands just because they do not do at least two foreign languages. This just felt like a 'one size fits all' rather than looking at the abilities of each individual student. Very old fashioned in our opinion. Very upsetting when you have a very clever dyslexic child, who does not do foreign languages, but who is exceptional at English and History and such like.
As for Millfield's treatment of elite athletes. Don't get me started! They are useless at that side of things! Totally useless. We have witnessed many extremely talented athletes just be overlooked an ignored by the so called coaches at Millfield. Millfield treats their athletes appallingly.Their Director of Sport has previously dis-believed that a talented triathlete had been selected for a Talent Academy so the Director of Sport actually contacted the national federation to check this athlete was telling the truth! Another swimmer was told that he couldn't swim any more as he 'didn't bring anything to the table'. If you said that to a work colleague you would be in serious trouble. No one should talk like that to anyone - let alone a young athlete. Terrible thing to say to a 16 year old athlete! And in front of other people! One of the swim coaches brought cookies and doughnuts along to one of the holiday swim sessions and called everyone over at the end of the session to partake - but didn't include one of the lanes with 4 or 5 male Millfield swimmers in. they were totally left out and had to walk off poolside after the session while all the others had cookies. Terrible mean and downright nasty exclusion by that swim coach. Swim coaches did not listen to the repeated concerns of a swimming family about the innapropriate behaviour of one of the female swim coaches. It was then said that the female swim coach actually left all of a sudden due to even worse inapropriate behaviour with some lower sixth boys! And the list goes on. Millfield is a terrible place for talented athletes. Negative, negative, negative negative atmosphere with senior management who really are not interested in anything apart from your bank account. Horrible to witness and even worse to experience. We would strongly recomend that you look elsewhere

mumontherun1980 Sat 08-Feb-20 22:54:46

Millfield is a terrible school which Miss lead parents, they market the school extremely well and refuse to offer talent athletes sports scholarships and the correct learning support provisions . The school is a scam and is unable to be challenged on its poor decision making ! I’m totally disgusted with this school I would not recommend anyone waste their time or money at this school

mumontherun1980 Sat 08-Feb-20 23:02:58

Millfield is a terrible school nothing seems to have changed ! I recently added a sports scholarship exam with a very gifted child the school made up a really pathetic excuse not to offer my son a scholarship. but offer him a full fee place. The school seem to be very good at marketing and nothing else, unable to identify talent with an agenda that screams money only! This is not a school it's a business and they seem to make up the sports scholarship criteria as they go along i feel mislead and disappointed I fell for this nonsense ! The school are not able to deliver on anything academic so we may have had a lucky escape !

Didsomeonesay Sun 09-Feb-20 00:13:44


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