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Tonytiger Thu 09-Jun-16 13:01:30

Please help !!!
Does anyone have Ds at Millfield school. We have been advised that our very sporty, very dyslexic ds is not going to cope in his current school, Millfield looks like a good fit. I would really appreciate any inside information on how well children with Ls are supported. Any thoughts on standard of Pastoral care in general, also how well do they keep a lid on the more undesirable aspects of teenage life !! Are they really as good as they claim in supporting gifted athletes.?? Sorry, so many questions. We find ourselves in a difficult situation and we are so worried that we could potentially jump from the frying pan to the fire !!
Thank you, Thank you !!

blackteaplease Sun 12-Jun-16 19:32:21

My dh completed part of his teacher training at Millfield 9 years ago. He says this: Millfield is not academicallly selective in the same way that many other private schools are. When I was there, classes had a range of abilities and SEN. One of the brilliant things was the small class sizes. This ensured that students received a good deal of support in lessons.

Behaviour was very good and any 'undesirable' behavior was dealt with quickly. The level of pastoral support that I witnessed was also very good.

The amount of sport on offer is fantastic and the school is very supportive of sporting excellent. They have a huge list of alumni that have gone on to professional/international sport. I would recommend arranging a visit. You will be able to ask more specific questions about support when you are there.

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