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Choosing between Canterbury Academy and Archbishops School

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KJfromoz Thu 09-Jun-16 12:12:40

Hi there. I have recently arrived in the Canterbury area from Australia and am hoping this great mumsnet community can provide some advice. I found it all very useful when I was planning the move over here so fingers crossed! I have visited both Canterbury High and Archbishops School and feel confused about where to send my middle boy starting high school in Sep. Most of the information I can find is quite old but the general sense I get is that Archbishops is smaller, calmer and better? academically than Canterbury High. I am worried about the religious side as were are not religious at all. My eldest goes to Canterbury and it seems OK but he is very sensible making decisions regarding friends wheresas middle son may get led astray. He has also been offered a place there but is reluctant to make another change of school after only 6 weeks. Any thoughts or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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