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school trip to Paris? Safe or not?

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bkgirl Mon 06-Jun-16 11:03:20

Daughter (13) going to Paris for 3 days on a school trip on the 17th June during Euro 2016
Am worried because...
1)Euro 2016: Europol boss 'concerned' over terror threat
2)France's state of emergency extended to cover Euro 2016
3) After the Bataclan British schools were told to cancel trips to France where a national state of emergency remains in force.
4) Schoolkids shot at in france
I am really worried, it just seems crazy especially as they will visit the Eiffel tower etc on the Saturday when a match is being played sad

YouMakeMyDreams Mon 06-Jun-16 11:18:30

I'm going to Paris on the 29th. I can't say it hadn't crossed my mind partly because paris has already been targeted but tbh I'm more worried about the weather right now.
I'd lie if I said I'm not nervous but logically I'm also aware that the whole western world is on high alert and the chances of anything happening are just as likely in other UK big cities during other big events. The feeling of being safer at home is mostly psychological it could happen anywhere.
The article about school trips is from last year and the immediate aftermath of the parish attacks. It is a scary world we live in but the reality is we have to just go about it as much as we can as normal.

Needmoresleep Mon 06-Jun-16 11:57:20

I agree with Dreams. For half a century we have been very lucky to enjoy an unprecedented level of security and safety. And in England we rarely face earthquakes, typhoons, bush fires, and other natural disasters that other countries cope with.

It depends on your balance between risk and a view that unless you don't take a "life must go on" approach your, or your DCs, lives will be poorer. I live in Central London and there is always a nagging concern. The risk is probably as great as that in Paris. But then I lived in London through the IRA attacks, so it has always been there. Equally I know people who choose not to visit London because of that risk.

Schools/tour operators have a duty of care and so will weigh up risks. However, as with other things like sport, they have to also work out a balance between that and giving their pupils educational experiences, encouraging a wider world view and increasing their aspirations. If you find yourself more risk adverse than the school, ask for your child to be left out, but do not ask for the trip to be cancelled. That would be unfair on the others.

pepperpot69 Mon 06-Jun-16 23:34:28

I know how you feel bkgirl as my DC is due to go next Monday! However I do think needmoresleep has a good point so will try not to worry. (Too much)

Balletgirlmum Tue 07-Jun-16 00:17:33

Dd went to Paris just before Easter.

It will be very busy during the Euros but I bet the atmosphere will be good.

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