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GCSE history exam (AQA) tomorrow!

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NEScribe Sun 05-Jun-16 13:01:58

I won't bore you with why I am asking this at the very last minute ... but DD is sitting unit 1 AQA history tomorrow and she is having panic attacks about failing.
Doing well in most subjects (apart from history and maths) and it seems she has concentrated on her best subjects.
Anyway, she says unit 1 exam is WW1 - I have just looked at AQA spec online and it says she must choose three consecutive topics in the exam and if she has to do three, then my reading of it is that as well as WWI she will also need to do topic 3 - Hitler and origins of WW2?
Any history teachers online who can confirm this is right?
Thanks for any help!

raspberryrippleicecream Sun 05-Jun-16 14:13:20

DD is AQA history tomorrow and she has three topics. Not sure of exact titles but roughly, The Cold War, League of Nations aand Origins of World War 2.

Paper 2 is next week and she has a further 3 topics.

NEScribe Sun 05-Jun-16 14:53:46

Thank you. That is really helpful. That's what I thought. DD is doing Origins of WW1, peacekeeping/league of nations so since it says they have to be consecutive, the next is Hitler/origins of WW2.

She seems happy about next week's exam but claims she "knows nothing" for this one sad
I have printed off set of revision sheet from TES forum which teachers have praised as very helpful so hoping it might make things clearer for her smile
thank you again!

raspberryrippleicecream Tue 07-Jun-16 08:40:36

Hope it went ok for her. DD seemed reasonable happy.

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