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Schools in Southend, Leigh, Rayleigh and Hockley

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andybartlett1964 Sat 04-Jun-16 22:24:28

Are there schools that are both concerned with education and student happiness.
My daughter has been to two secondary schools and unhappy at both. One was too concerned with data and results the other is not engaging enough for student progress. Please help!!

disorganisedmummy Sun 05-Jun-16 09:34:46

Hi,I live in Southend and although my sons are still in primary I know a bit about the secondary schools. Can you say which schools your daughter is/has been at?
The girls' grammar schools (Westcliff and Southend High) are v v academic but less nurturing. I'm told St Bernard's which is Catholic is very good with a good balance of academic vs nurturing. Is private an option? There is Thorpe Hall which is non selective and goes up to 16. Pm me if you want any more info. Good luck.

disorganisedmummy Sun 05-Jun-16 10:11:45

Meant to add that Fitzwimarc in Rayleigh has an excellent reputation and is rated outstanding by OfStead.

andybartlett1964 Sun 05-Jun-16 14:32:11

thank you so much for the reply,
my daughter went to Belfairs, and was happy initially in year 7 and 8, with a small group of friends. Unfortunately, they were in different sets, and after a few months in year 9, she became more and more anxious about school. She had 6 weeks off from school before moving to Deans in Thundersley, where she is now. She is not enjoying it there either, and I am worried about how this upheaval has affected her mental health.
I have been looking at other school websites, but want to make sure that we make the right decision. I live in Hockley, close to Fitzwimarc and Greensward. I have also looked at Thorpe Hall too, but would need to qualify for a bursary.

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