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Dyspraxia diagnosis

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Eastyone Tue 31-May-16 14:53:50


Daughter is sitting her GCSE exams and luckily gets 25% extra time which we thought was due to a very poor DASH result (54 0.2 percentile - free writing speed is around 10 words per min carried out Jan 2016) We wanted her to use a keyboard but the school refused further Ed Psy involvement.
We are not sure what the outcome of these will be as the predictions for her GCSE exams are mostly around C3.
Moving on she has applied to college and because the school refused the further tests I will have to get her tested privately - how do I do this? She has a genetic condition and her consultant has suggested Dyspraxia is common and she should be able to use a keyboard - I have an OT referral but this will take months - I can see lots of companies set up for DSA assessments could I use one of these that has a PATOSS certificate?
Another strange event and having a complete mistrust of the school (who always seem to fudge things up) we asked to be sent the form 8 together with the info that will be sent on to 6th form and this completely ignores the DASH results and says they applied and were granted the 25% because of hearing problems and working memory which are a factor (using form 1 and her TOD) but these tests were done in year 8. It seems for some reason the school don't want to accept the handwriting problems

Any ideas? Thanks for listening

IDK Tue 31-May-16 22:56:24

Hi. We had a similar situation with school denying that there was a problem In the end I got a private test that we paid for ourselves. We found the assessor through the PATOSS website. There was no Form 8 in our day.
It sounds like the school is a bit useless - I would give up on them as I can't see that they can do much for you now. Wait until you get to college then see if they will pay for an assessment or, if not, see if they will cooperate with the Form8. I don't see that the lack of hand-over from school to college is necessarily a major problem - DS didn't get assessed until the first term of Y13! He couldn't use a keyboard in exams because he was diagnosed too late to have it established as his 'normal way of working'.
Our assessor was thorough. I went in thinking that handwriting was the problem. I came out realising that handwriting is a superficial symptom and the assessor described much more deep-seated problems (processing, memory, speed, coordination). Once we understood the weaknesses we could start to help DS try to overcome them.

Moominmammacat Wed 01-Jun-16 20:50:45

We used an assessor at Westminster uni and he was excellent. Think it was free for a pre uni assessment.

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