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Year 12-13 AS levels and beyond

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HSMMaCM Sat 28-May-16 13:33:13

Following on from the preparing for AS levels thread.

Hopefully everyone is finishing off AS exams.

bigTillyMint Sat 28-May-16 13:36:41

Well done HSM!

namechange7711 Sat 28-May-16 14:00:20

Gosh, we must talk a lot! This is about our fourth thread isn't it?

So glad next week is half-term so we all have chance to re-fuel. DS1 has done most of his AS exams now - just 2 AS exams left after half-term, followed by a week of school exams for the unreformed subjects which means he will finally finish on 24 June.

He seems to have a week of parties planned for half-term. Still waiting for him to come home after last night's....hmm

OddBoots Sat 28-May-16 14:13:22

Thanks for the new thread.

Still six exams left for ds but I have mine first so I am leaving him to it - he tends to be pretty good. He is relaxing today playing a few computer games, I think it is very need. I have promised to buy him the game Overwatch that he has been hankering after once the exams are over.

LittlehumHams Sat 28-May-16 14:59:12

Thanks. smile

Over half the year have finished exams now which is quite tricky. I guess those who still have exams until the end of June will have to balance the parties with revision. Ever hopeful.

bigTillyMint Sat 28-May-16 15:13:06

That's really tricky for them Littleham - I guess that DDs school doing all ASS at least means that everyone is done by 10th June.

What date do your DC finish for the summer - DD finishes 1st July (3 weeks early) and DH is confused as to how the school manages this with the 195 days thing. His finish at the same time as the rest of the school.

Abraid2 Sat 28-May-16 15:22:00

Oh yes, half-term parties... First one tonight.

But DD only has Maths Stats (may have to leave home while this one is sat and get husband to do the post-exam therapy sessions) and one internal Biology exam left, though I keep telling her not to be complacent about the latter as it may be used in predictions for A levels.

OddBoots Sat 28-May-16 15:28:15

DS has his last exam on 17th June (mechanics) and breaks up for the summer on the 6th July. I'm not sure if they are meant to have a complete break over the summer or if they should be doing some private study.

bigTillyMint Sat 28-May-16 15:34:44

Gosh 17th June is late, OddBoots. I reckon DDs sixthform will give them loads of homework (they have form for this) which she will not want to do as she doesn't know which subject she will be dropping (she has form for this!) Boo!

LineyReborn Sat 28-May-16 15:53:17

We've got Biology, Physics and Statistics left.

DS seems much less stressed today. No parties but lots of online game stuff going on involving cars.

Seems like a good time for a new thread as definite sigh of relief once we got to half-term.
Left DD to it regarding getting herself to her General Studies exam on Friday - as went up to London with DS to see him off on a residential weekend.
Anyway seems it went OK for her - the multiple choice comprehension part was about Lowry so that might have suited as she was hoping for some art to come up, and we went to a few galleries with Lowry's last summer after exams. I wonder if she remembers seeing them - I rather like Lowry.

GetAHaircutCarl Sat 28-May-16 18:11:32

DC at a party last night.

Everyone had a good time by the looks if it when I collected. Lots of jumping around and dancing grin.

DD is finished now. Feeling very demob happy. DS has several exams left but is a steely pragmatist so no whining.

bigTillyMint Sat 28-May-16 18:17:17

Matchstalk men and matchstalk cats and dogs....

Is it just a boy/girl thing? DS is much, much more of a steely pragmatist than his emotional dramatist sistergrin

dingit Sat 28-May-16 18:28:10

The 'beyond' part of the thread title scares me. hmm

LittlehumHams Sat 28-May-16 18:55:55

Translation. It means beyond sanity. wink

TeenAndTween Sat 28-May-16 19:01:59

How do people at 6th form colleges get their A level / AS results?
You can't have 1000-3000 kids all turning up for results in the same way as for GCSE, can you? Anyone been told what happens?

teta Sat 28-May-16 19:07:44

So right Littlehum grin

DD going out to Young Farmers thing tonight but that's subject to change up to 9pm.
Though for a change she's happy, as she got distinction in her Lamda (and I found the Gap returns slip.)

Ds2 enjoyed his golfing last night but not before I got furious with him on the putting green ( witnessed by a fascinated golfer) as we were so late (And I have a bad chest infection and asthma which is not ideal for or stomping up and down hills) And I was very cross .

OddBoots Sat 28-May-16 19:10:22

DS is at a large sixth form college and from what I can tell the results are available to pick up in person but are also available online so the majority of AS students collect them online and only come in if there is a problem.

HSMMaCM Sat 28-May-16 19:37:18

Sorry about the beyond bit. I can't think what's happening next yet grin. It's like to infinity and beyond.

DD's college has them all in to collect their results and post any that don't get collected.

DD's party revision session is now lasting an extra night, so we're learning how to live without a teenager in the house.

Auntpetunia2015 Sat 28-May-16 21:48:58

DS has an exam late the first week back then that's him done. Parties started last night and seem to have continued today

LittleHouseOnTheShelf Sat 28-May-16 21:57:59

Ds was saying that next year they have to retake all their as level exams and the a level exams because of the new linear system, what is this madness?

LittleHouseOnTheShelf Sat 28-May-16 21:58:53

Ds goes in to collect them but it's only 250 students

HSMMaCM Sat 28-May-16 22:21:04

Little house, that doesn't sound right!

HSMMaCM Sat 28-May-16 22:21:53

Unless he means hi has the A level which takes and examines work from the whole 2 years ?

LittleHouseOnTheShelf Sat 28-May-16 22:53:52

I don't know, he seems to think he has double the exams next year.

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