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secondary admissions question

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MySoreBack Tue 17-May-16 16:15:18

maybe bit of an odd question: on admissions form, if you list School 1, and get offer, can you then choose School 2 if that also has places (ie because you change your mind on which you prefer post application)?

raspberryrippleicecream Tue 17-May-16 16:16:54


MySoreBack Tue 17-May-16 16:20:45

quick answer raspberryrippleicecream! thanks

raspberryrippleicecream Tue 17-May-16 16:26:19

Very short answer. After offers day, you can apply to any school with places.

admission Tue 17-May-16 16:52:44

Yes you can request a place at your 2nd preference and if they have places then you will get a place. You may however have to talk to the LA admission office as they sometimes seem to find it difficult to understand that people can change their mind. Make sure you keep hold of the 1st preference place until you have been offered in writing a place at your now preferred school.

BoboEK Tue 17-May-16 17:54:11

With the equal preference system won't the computer allocate the space of school 2 to someone else ? As in you will only get offered 1 choice and can only then apply to school 2 at the end of the allocation IF they still have space and not over subscribed ? I could be completely wrong but do certainly check with the local council admissions team.

Balletgirlmum Tue 17-May-16 17:56:44

If school 2 is over subscribed & you have already been offered school 1 then the place you would have been offered at school 2 will have been given to someone else.

BoboEK Tue 17-May-16 18:26:36

Always put the schools in your true order of preference, sometimes you can change your mind but if school 2 is full then it may not be possible unless x1 child leaves to create the space for you.

MySoreBack Tue 17-May-16 21:28:09

Great - thanks. I would have thought there might be a number of reasons you might change your mind - big change at the school, big change in your child! But I guess it's unusual

tiggytape Wed 18-May-16 14:02:22

There is no easy process to change your mind really - and it is assumed that you won't.
That's not to say you can't change your mind but if you do you will be at the mercy of waiting lists and hoping a space becomes available. There's a risk for example that school 2 won't have any free spaces this year even if they do normally (eg if people who didn't want it get allocated it because the schools they did want are full)

If at all possible therefore it is best to do all the school visits you want to and come to your decision in time to submit your application in October.

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