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Offered a place in Burnham Grammar - Should we accept?

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amethyst2074 Mon 16-May-16 20:00:16


My DS has been offered a place in Burnham Grammar and is currently in Maiden Erlegh in Wokigham. He is 2nd in the waiting list at John Hampton. My question is:

1) Is moving him to Burnham Grammar good for him and should we accept a place?
2) Are there chances that he would be offered at John Hampton this year?
3) Whats the best way to commute from Earley to Burnham Grammar?

Any personal experience will be most welcome to know more about the school.


bojorojo Mon 16-May-16 21:24:03

Do you mean John Hampden Grammar School in High Wycome? Did you not consider transport to the school(s) when you applied? Surely getting there is key? M4 to both Burnham and HW plus a short journey from the motorway to the schools but public transport could be interesting. Does it exist? Not sure how quickly waiting list for JH moves. The school would know.

You must have had a reason for applying to BG. I think you know your child best and whether this school gives more opportunities than the one he is at. As this is a grammar school, one would assume the children will be mostly high achievers. So that could be good for him but what about leaving friends and the very long journey to school?

Catmuffin Tue 17-May-16 14:18:53

I looked it up for you on Google maps. It looks like he could go by train with one change at Reading and it would take about 1 hour and 15 mins, 30 mins of which would be walking. That is leaving from Maiden Erlegh School. I don't know where you live in relation to the school.

SalmonMaki Tue 17-May-16 23:24:29

1) only you can know the answer to this. But is the upheaval and long commute worth the effort? Whatever you think he might gain from the change might be lost due to the inevitable tiredness he will endure to make that commute every day.

What about friendships and extra curricular activities? How will he fit those in with a daily commute?

2) surely a question you should be asking Bucks admission team?

3) there are other people trying to organise car shares or taxis on the eleven plus forum, from Lower Earley to the Slough grammars, find your people there.

AFAIK Maiden Erlegh is a good school, especially for academically able kids - do you not feel he is getting the support he needs at this school?

bojorojo Wed 18-May-16 01:25:45

In year admissions are often handled by the schools themselves. This admission is not 11 plus and I doubt that BCC operate the waiting list.

sweta10 Thu 20-Oct-16 16:47:48

forgot to say i am from reading

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