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New Boarding Advice

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arc772016 Tue 10-May-16 10:38:22

My DS is starting boarding school in September. As the mum of a first time boarder, any advice on what they need to take with them and what they don't need would be hugely appreciated.

redhotfire123 Tue 10-May-16 11:20:45

Check out the "Thread for Boarders" in education. Make a cuppa first - it's long!

Gruach Tue 10-May-16 12:10:19

Yes, here it is.

Dustylaw Wed 11-May-16 00:26:01

I suggest giving the house a call and asking about specific things you want to know. It's quite difficult on some points to give universally applicable answers eg at my son's school everyone has lockable tuck boxes (like a small trunk really) for personal possessions plus biscuits. At my daughter's school, hardly anyone does because they all have a lockable unit in their rooms. If the housemaster or school can give you the contact details of a parent on a parent body then so much the better as they will know the ins and outs of the school and give you the parent's view on how things work. Also, check out if/ when they do second hand sales on uniform and sports gear - maybe not a possibility for starting off but could save loads for summer term uniform, games and kit. Don't forget to reassure yourselves that there may be/probably will be some initial lumps and bumps but it is all going to work out.

Silverine08 Wed 11-May-16 03:15:36

Assuming you've covered off everything on the uniform list and thought through day to day stuff like toiletries I would think about the following:

Bedding - even if the school provide this, most kids bring their own as it is more comfortable

Photos, Photos, Photos - the kids seem to plaster their cupboards, noticeboards, walls with photos of family, friends and pets!

If she has a smart phone, both headphones and a speaker

Last suggestion, write her a letter and sneak it into her things. Made my daughter feel like she had a bit of home with her

bojorojo Wed 11-May-16 12:32:29

Unless you are living abroad, your DC will not be completely cut off from you. You can top up with items as you discover what is needed and children vary.

Mine liked her photos and personal items for her bedside table. Choosing off duty clothes is also important and they do pick up trends from others so be prepared to add to the clothes - and then worry about getting them home at the end of term if you have to! Often schools send out helpful lists. Do take your own bedding. Do check on how good the laundry service is. DD found it upsetting that her underwear went grey in the far too hot school wash! She also liked her own cushion for her bed! Also think about security for phone, laptop or ipad. DD had a lockable tuck box. What does your school do?

happygardening Wed 11-May-16 13:20:27

Maybe the uniform/things to bring list is out yet if the school does CE next month this sort of thing usually comes with the confirmation of a place letter. I like to leave thing to the last minute and buy uniform etc a couple of week before they start and experience has shown you dint need to start shopping now for September. .
Secondly assuming you're starting when everyone else starts most schools have "new boys lunches/teas etc" where you'll meet staff, some current boys in his house and parents in the same position as you and have plenty of time to ask questions. I personally wouldn't start badgering an HM at the moment whose number 1 priority currently will be supporting yr 9/13 through their exams.

happygardening Wed 11-May-16 13:21:10

OP if you are prepared to say which school, you might be lucky and get some specific advise.

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