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Schools in Tonbridge

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Amber321 Sun 08-May-16 10:10:59

We are thinking of moving to Tonbridge to be in the catchment for the Weald of Kent school. However I don't know anything about the comprehensive schools there in case my daughter doesn't pass the eleven plus. Can anyone advise me? I would also need a good boys secondary for my son.
Thanks in advance!

BoboChic Sun 08-May-16 10:13:21

How old are your DC?

lifeisunjust Sun 08-May-16 10:20:51

The only comprehensive schools in Kent are the Catholic and Anglican ones. Even then, they lose their most able potential students to the grammar schools. Don't think there are any in Tonbridge.

There is Hillview for girls and Hugh Christie mixed in the town, for non grammar choices.

Amber321 Sun 08-May-16 11:00:04

BoboChic I have 3DC DD1 is 9 (year 5), DD2 is 8 (year 3) and DS is 4 (starting reception in Sept). So if we move I would need to consider primary schools too.
Lifeisunjust- do you have to be church goers to get into the Catholic and Anglican comps? (We are not church goers!) What are Hillside and Hugh Christie like? Do you think the comps suffer as a result of the top students being creamed off by the grammars? I am in such a dilemma as to whether to move or not! I live in Kent but in the bromley borough so we are classed as OOC for most Kent grammar schools unless you score highly. We do have good comps here but I am not in the catchment for the best ones.

BoboChic Sun 08-May-16 11:42:32

The non-selective state secondary schools in and around Tonbridge are not proper comprehensives because of the vast number of schools that select (be the criteria ability to pay, religious affiliation and practice or Kent test).

wineoclockthanks Sun 08-May-16 16:22:20

Amber, where a outs in Bromley are you? Many Bromley children travel to the Bexley Grammar schools esp Chis & Sid, Beths or Townley which are just 1 bus ride from Bromley (269).

Amber321 Sun 08-May-16 20:18:45

Thanks Bobochic.
Wineoclock- I'm in Petts Wood which seems to be a no mans land for the preferred schools! We are in the Chis & Sid catchment (unless that decreases next year!) and Townley I think but that is an hour long coach journey each way. But we are not in the catchment for the two best comps so feel we may need to move if my daughter doesn't pass the eleven plus, hence thinking about moving further out and potentially getting more for our money as well as good schools, but perhaps that is not the case if you don't get into a grammar! confused

228agreenend Tue 10-May-16 07:37:56

Some of the non-grammars are very good, anfd often have 'grammar stream' for the top performing pupils. I know Valley in Maidstone is very highly rated, and the other schools aren't too bad (but do vary).

Can't really comment about Tonbridge schools.

Is Maidstone an option?

Amber321 Tue 10-May-16 07:58:08

Thanks 228agreenend. I know Maidstone has good schools but we wouldn't want to move out as far as Maidstone and I think the transport links to London aren't as good from there.

228agreenend Tue 10-May-16 08:27:02

Depends which part of Leon you are trying to get to. You can get to Charing Cross and Victoria fairly easily.

Amber321 Tue 10-May-16 10:17:45

My husband starts work at 7.30am near Bank so needs direct trains to Cannon Street or London Bridge, which does rule out Maidstone unfortunately.

BoboEK Tue 10-May-16 14:08:23

What about moving to the Beckingham / Hayes area ? would still be in catchment for chis and sid, townley etc but also in catchment for Langly Park schools and a direct train into Cannon Street on the Hayes line of southeastern ?

eatyourveg Tue 10-May-16 22:40:36

Hillview is the girls school a few hundred yards along the road from Weald - they have a co-ed 6th form and have had students go to Oxbridge. The boys school is Hayesbrook which doesn't do quite as well as Hillview. the other non grammar is Hugh Christie which would be my 3rd choice out of these schools. St Gregory's (RC) and Bennett Memorial (CofE) are the church schools in Tunbridge Wells. A few (not many) pupils from here go out to Mascalls which is a big school in Paddock Wood and a fair few go to Skinners Kent Academy in Tunbridge Wells.

Trains to London are frequent and you will always get a seat before 7am

Dungandbother Tue 10-May-16 23:27:21

Maidstone is not as great for commuting but have you checked the high speed out of Maidstone W? Expensive but worth checking.

Valley catchment is tiny. Really tiny. Amazing school. Less amazing housing stock. But good for your Petts W £.

Bexley is just as bad as Tonbridge if you don't pass - bad as in everyone hates the comps but really ? Come on be realistic. If they just miss Grammar and you keep them on the straight and narrow, they will be fine.

I would rather mine were in a Kent comp than Kemnal. If that's your dilemma then I see where you are coming from. Beaverwood doesn't bother me so much.

What are your Bromley catchment schools?

Do you reach Crown Woods or Coopers?
Cleeve Park is hugely on the up. Does it have sibling link for the younger ones if the older gets in? I haven't looked.

If you want to move for better schools then go to Blendon, Bexley. Hurstmere, Blackfen Girls both have academy links with Sherwood Park primary (yes it's been failing but I predict a swarm for that academy link) and you're still close enough for both Bexley and Kent 11+

I grew up in Kent.
And Mascalls is a great school so otherwise, move to Paddock W.

Amber321 Wed 11-May-16 10:19:12

BoboEk if we move we wanted to move further out rather than a sideways move to Beckenham although I do like Hayes school.
Thanks for the info eatyourveg I'll look into those.
Dungandbother my catchment schools are the priory, Chislehurst school for girls (Beaverwood) and Coopers. I am not from the area originally but local people say to avoid the first two schools! Tbh I am probably just over worrying and am sure any of the local schools would be fine but you never know! I have not heard of crown woods or cleve park so I assume they are not in my catchment. We are hoping for grammars but just need a back up plan! I think we will probably wait to see if my eldest passes and then decide what to do based on that.
Thanks everyone for your help!

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