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Sexeys scool - opinions please!

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brightandbeauiful Thu 05-May-16 15:40:16

DS wants to return to the UK to board for sixth form. We are currently living and working in a developing world country and he will do iGCSEs in 2017, at the international school he goes to as a day student.

I think he has a good temperament /maturity for boarding, and in fact, he suggested it. His interests are arts, music and outdoorsy (D of E/scouting) stuff.

Academically he's solid-good, I guess he'll get A*/ A's and B's next year, but not a long string of A*'s.

It's a state C of E school - how much of a Christian ethos is here? I'd be interested to know how that plays out in school life.

Also, what are the proportions of UK students, UK-but-parents-abroad-students, and other/European students?

I'd be very interested in anyone's experience of joining to school to board at 16+, and also your opinions generally, thanks!

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