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Monkton Combe school - opinions please...

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brightandbeauiful Thu 05-May-16 15:35:41

DS wants to return to the UK to board for sixth form. We are currently living and working in a developing world country and he will do iGCSEs in 2017.

I think he has a good temperament /maturity for boarding, and in fact, he suggested it. His interests are arts, music and outdoorsy (D of E) stuff.

Academically he's solid-good, I guess he'll get A*/ A's and B's next year, but not a long string of A*'s.

The Christian ethos is fine by us, but I'd be interested to know how that plays out in school life.

I'd be very interested in anyone's experience of joining to school to board at 16+, and also your opinions generally, thanks!

Bluelupin Tue 24-May-16 14:10:50

My son is there having moved from another school which I did not trust academically. Whilst he didn't join in the sixth form he did join late and out of year without any problems. He boards and I have to say I am thrilled with how happy he is and how personal the approach, it seems to not just offer what you expect but quite a bit more as well, academically as well as sport and music wise. In terms of the religious aspect I wouldn't worry it's impact seems to be entirely positive encouraging tolerance, non judgement,kindness and compassion which really shows in the children. It is entirely take it or leave it but my son who is atheist has no problems at all with it.

Titsywoo Fri 27-May-16 09:46:19

I don't have children there myself but my nephew and niece are both boarders there and they absolutely love it! I'm seeing them this weekend so will ask about the religious side and get back to you. They are very religious which is one of the reasons my SIL chose it.

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