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Sixth form bursary / financial assistance

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ejune Sun 01-May-16 15:50:57

My DD is currently in a grammar secondary school and wishes to move to an independent school for sixth form (she hates her current school and all the surrounding sixth forms are not great) She wishes to move this year (VERY late application, I know) though although already applying to another school, she has found a school she'd love to go to.
The school emailed saying that there is "limited financial assistance" available and so we have filled in a form which we were advised to do so. Unfortunately due to the fees being so ridiculously high (aroud £9,000 a term :O) this is a definite No to us unless a bursary of say 75%+ was awarded...
What is the chance of getting a bursary with joint income of around £40,00 PA. We do own a second property as well (although it is very small, as is our family house) so we thought we might not qualify... I know it is very late, due to her starting this upcoming september but if not possible would be nice to know just for second D.. thank you smile

ejune Sun 01-May-16 15:53:35

The school is also selective for sixth form (due to their great results) and DD currently does 11 GCSE's (predicted mostly A's, few B's ) we had to send her report as well as predicted grades though due to being very ill for most of this school year; her exam results were not as high as predicted (though still more than enough to get into the sixth form)

CallMeACynicBut Sun 01-May-16 16:33:47

Chances of a 75% bursary, on a 40k income with a second home, applying in May for September, for a child who will get some Bs at GCSE? I'm afraid if the school is any good I would guess your chances are about zero.

AnotherNewt Sun 01-May-16 16:41:15

I think that schools are very likely to have earmarked their bursary funds already, and unless all those pupils miss the 6th form entry grades, there will be no money.

It's worth applying, but I think you need to be realistic from the outset that this is a very long shot.

happygardening Sun 01-May-16 17:44:43

No one on here will be able to give you a definitive answer because bursary policies vary from school to school. 75% is a significant bursary, few school dish out bursaries of this size and as others have said if they do it's likely to be to an academic high flyer and not one with a second home. Have you read the schools website what does it say about bursaries, most schools link them into scholarships but the wording on their websites doesn't always make this clear especially if you read it too fast!
But we could all be wrong, talk dircectly to the schools bursar before filling in any forms, ask him out right if your too late for next academic year, how big the average bursary is, does the school offer 75% bursaries and if yes what are the criteria? How will they view your second home? A friend has a small second home (her future pension) she applied for a bursary from a school known to have a very generous bursary policy, the school told her she had to choose between the future pension or an education at their school.

hertsandessex Sun 01-May-16 19:08:09

I would echo the comments on second home. I would think that alone would make it nearly impossible assuming of course there is substantial equity. Harsh but they would just say sell the house or borrow against it.

Coconutty Sun 01-May-16 19:09:13

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ejune Tue 03-May-16 21:54:28

CallMeACynicBut : She was only predicted B's due to being really ill for almost the whole of the school year and unfortunately means her grades dropped at the time of predictions and mocks etc.. we thought so, just wanted to have an idea for our youngest..

AnotherNewt:Yes my daughter was told this but we thought we might just apply on the off chance as there is no harm in asking!!

happygardening: Their bursary policy isnt very specific, and very similar to many other well known schools so I will be visiting the bursar this week, though they are known for giving out generous bursaries we thought that there was no harm in asking!

hertsandessex: Cocunutty: That's exactly what I thought, I know people that have got very generous bursaries at that school who are better off financially but in terms of assets I have no clue.
And yes, DD has only applied due to their spaces and funding still available (on the off chance!)

Sillybillybonker Wed 04-May-16 06:49:29

The school my child goes to has a limited number of bursaries on a sliding scale of 10-50% depending on financial circumstances. Assets must be declared. I think it is likely that the second home would rule it out as they would simply say you have the means to pay.

Coconutty Wed 04-May-16 06:55:28

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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