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Aldenham School Yr7 and yr8

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TriumphantMum1 Thu 28-Apr-16 13:33:12

Does anyone know the entrance exam details for Yr7 and Yr8 for Aldenham school?
I know they want Maths, English and Reasoning for Yr7 but does anyone know what specifically they look for and which reasoning? Verb or non-verb?

Also desperate to move my older one to Aldenham for Yr8 but cant get any info from the school on whats required. Can anyone help?

Much, much appreciated x

Drinkstoomuchcoffee Thu 28-Apr-16 14:04:30


Have you actually spoken to the school? They really are your best source of information for entrance requirements.
If you have contacted them and they have not responded you should be asking some serious questions about customer service. You are a potential paying customer prepared to shell out hundreds of thousands of pounds for your DC education.

Oneeva Thu 28-Apr-16 14:34:51

From what I can remember for 11+ they do English maths verbal reasoning and non-verbal reasoning. I know students who have sat this test for the last few years. For some reason the school has removed the sample papers that they had on their website. I don't know if it's because the format has changed, or if it's to stop parents using the assessment as a dry run for their children. But I do know that the number of unconditional offers were turned down over the last two years has increased. I'll have a look later on if I've got time because I'm sure I have a copy of the sample papers and will check. Definitely, the English comprehension paper is the toughest part, though to be honest the paper itself was not that difficult really. Mind you that of course would depend on how strong your child is now with English comprehension.

leavingnwlondon Sun 25-Sep-16 16:03:06

Hi Oneeva, WOW i would be really grateful if i could have a copy of the sample paper...especiallY THE REASONING one...oh dear we really have no idea of what this entails. school looks so lovely. hoping for kids to take 11plus in jan thanks so much!

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