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Relocating from overseas

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Cazsee Sat 23-Apr-16 02:27:17

We're moving back from Singapore, and are looking at Maidenhead/Watford Area. One boy will be in Year 8, other in Year 4. We don't have a local address so we're not sure if we can get into the better state schools. Anyone has a good location to recommend? I work in the City, and would like convenient train links.

jomidmum Sat 23-Apr-16 10:34:20

Not in that area, but thought I'd reply as we are in similar situation. We are relocating back to the UK from the Middle East, son will be Year 9.
What will be our local council in the UK said we cannot apply as we aren't resident there....but we have applied anyway! They seem to be processing the application as I have just received an email from the school (we had only one preference) saying that they will forward us details of which house he will be in, uniform, etc.
It's worth trying to apply from overseas.
All the best.

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