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New GCSE curriculum

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FlyingScotsman Thu 21-Apr-16 15:28:33

Does anyone know about it and in particular what sort of effect will it have on the double science/maths?
Will those be disappearing altogether?

catslife Thu 21-Apr-16 15:58:43

Maths has already changed. Schools began teaching the new syllabus in September 2015 and the first exams will be in Summer 2017.
Schools will start teaching the new Science GCSEs this September. The option of taking Core Science won't be possible anymore so "double" will be the minimum. The Double Science is now being rebranded as Combined Science though. It will be linear with all exams taken at the end of Y11 and there will also be changes to the practical work.
See link for AQA syllabus for more details

FlyingScotsman Thu 21-Apr-16 16:55:59

So does it mean there will be no double/triple science or maths, just one exam which will maths or science?

titchy Thu 21-Apr-16 17:31:28

There will be double science and there will be triple science. There will also be maths. (There will always be maths!) Your posts imply you think maths and science are being combined - they're not - they're separate as they are now.

FlyingScotsman Thu 21-Apr-16 18:18:02

I have to say, I'm lost.
I haven't been through the British system and I was slowly getting my head around it when they changed it all!
Seeing some threads on here, it seems that some schools are restricting the double/triple science on the ground that the new curriculum is hard enough as it is.
I want to get clear as what is actually available (eg is there a further maths in the top of maths?) and check with dcs school if they will offer that.

titchy Thu 21-Apr-16 18:21:31

The subjects actually offered hasn't changed, apart from no more core science. They're just harder!

FlyingScotsman Thu 21-Apr-16 18:54:13

Thanks titchy that helps a lot.

Can I ask if you do a math or science Alevel you still need further maths and double//triple science?

titchy Thu 21-Apr-16 18:58:38

Different schools/sixth forms will have different minimum requirements for A Level subjects. But both double science and normal, rather than further, maths would be OK to continue at A level. Triple science often recommended though.

teacherwith2kids Thu 21-Apr-16 19:06:23


DC's school - good comprehensive with very high results - does A-level sciences on the back of double at GCSE, and gets results at A-level very much in line with another school a town or two over with similar demographics that offers triple to its top set.

The only issue that arises is if you do double science at a school that does triple, or transfer to a school that dopes triple with only double, because the A-level teaching starts from an assumption of triple. Doing an A-level from double science is fine if that is the norm for that school IYSWIM?

They same school have offered Additional Maths at GCSE for the old curriculum, but aren't for the new. Even at the moment, you don't have to have done the Additional Maths qualification to do Maths, or even Further Maths, at A-level, though they do ask for an A or A* at GCSE. About 130 people per year do A-level Maths there, and the results are very good. Again, other schools may put in an 'over and above' requirement, but it's not NECESSARY for the course.

FlyingScotsman Fri 22-Apr-16 14:13:50

Thank you all for the very clear explanation.
Very interesting about GCSE and going into a different school for Alevel. I hadn't realised that at all.

Atm dc1 is only in Y7 but the school isn't great and if we are to change school I want to do it by the end of KS3 so he has as much continuity as possible.
Plenty to think about.

titchy Fri 22-Apr-16 14:55:13

If that's your plan be aware that some schools start GCSEs in year 9, so choose options in year 8.

FlyingScotsman Fri 22-Apr-16 16:13:52

Oh bugger.... I think my head is going to explode.

Thanks for the tip. The conclusion is that we really need to get the ball rolling now and sort everything out. And I thought I had time before looking at A Levels....

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