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lloydjam Wed 20-Apr-16 12:37:13

HI, can anyone tell me if there is a general date by which all GCSEs and A levels are finished? Im trying to plan a holiday for next year and just wondered if there was a date by which all exam boards tend to have finished their examinations. thank you

starfleet Wed 20-Apr-16 12:45:23

I'm pretty sure the last GCSE exam this year is on the 27th June. DS's last GCSE paper is on the 17th June but I know some of his friends have a bit of a break before their final one towards the end of the month.

Not sure about A levels - I'm just trying to get through the next two months without losing the will to live!

catslife Wed 20-Apr-16 13:05:04

The first week in July should be OK. But exams aren't the only consideration for Y11 pupils - many sixth forms have induction days or taster days at the end of June which they prefer pupils to attend if possible.

lloydjam Wed 20-Apr-16 13:38:28

Thank you - does anyone know when the 2016/2017 exam timetables get issued? Im assuming November time ??

TeenAndTween Wed 20-Apr-16 14:28:31

Also prom if your school does this in y11

TeenAndTween Wed 20-Apr-16 14:42:09

Quick google search shows AQA provisional timetable available already, from link from here . Would therefore not be surprised if others are too.

TurnOffTheTv Wed 20-Apr-16 14:45:23

26th June here. Prom the day after.

cricketballs Wed 20-Apr-16 14:59:05

Exam boards have provisional timetables published on their websites. Remember though they can be changed

lloydjam Wed 20-Apr-16 15:17:10

Thanks everyone - thats really helpful.

Iwantacampervan Wed 20-Apr-16 16:59:40

My daughter's GCSEs finish on 27th June this year and she has to go into school on 30th June to hand back books. The prom is also on 30th June.
She has been invited to a taster day (not compulsory but useful to go to) at her chosen Sixth Form College on 5th July. After that she will be free until results day.

DesertOrDessert Wed 20-Apr-16 17:04:53

I don't know how much consideration will be taken into account of Ramadan next year. It's Pretty much all of June 2017. I know there were some considerations applied to timetabling this year. Ramadan is going to hit Exam season for a few years.
Tho the date isn't exactly unkniepwn, so hopefully variations have already been put into place for this?

OhYouBadBadKitten Wed 20-Apr-16 20:36:58

Turnoffthetv, that's a Sunday.

TurnOffTheTv Wed 20-Apr-16 20:57:02

Arsegrin Prom is 26th, last exam 24th!

OhYouBadBadKitten Wed 20-Apr-16 21:05:36


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