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Rainbowdoom Wed 20-Apr-16 06:08:28

I was recently put in the waiting list for my son and daughter for Harris Purley. One of them got 2nd and one got 6th .does anyone think it's good places blushcould they maybe get spaces by the end of the year ,well of course you couldn't really tell but any opinions

merlottime Wed 20-Apr-16 08:01:57

You have posted multiple times about this. As a precious respondent mentioned, no one can tell you. I do not know the school, but its reputation locally (in the local press) is of somewhere that excludes lots of pupils; so this may in time free up spaces if pupils are permanently moved off roll. have you looked at other schools?

Rainbowdoom Wed 20-Apr-16 18:49:52

My question was does anyone think (your opinion ) that it is a good space to be or I should just choose another school ! And no I haven't

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