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Boarding School Advice Needed

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mcexpat Tue 19-Apr-16 16:34:00

We are an expat family seeking your help in finding a boarding school for DS that caters for learning needs. DS is going into Yr9 in Sept, he is extremely sporty, passionate about rugby and enjoys sport in general. Also enjoys Art, Design technology however he is severely dyslexic so therefore it is important we choose the right school to support him. At the moment we would consider any location as long as the school offers full boarding including weekend school/activities. By the way we aren't Scottish despite my username so don't let that sway your advice.

mary21 Tue 19-Apr-16 17:43:33

More house frensham is worth a look. If you have a look for posts from expatmama it might help you.
Seaford college might also be worth a look as maybe frewen and bredon school but don't know how many full boarders they have

usedtobeboss Tue 19-Apr-16 17:59:45

You don't specify an area, but have you considered the Royal Hospital School in Suffolk? Very sporty, including rugby; and Art and DT are strong too. And it's a proper boarding school with loads of full boarders and plenty going on at weekends.

tangerino Tue 19-Apr-16 18:52:09

How about Millfield?

Expatmomma Tue 19-Apr-16 20:21:25

I can really recommend More House. My son is a full boarder and most full boarders are from expat families.

Their latest Ofsted was published today and they received outstanding in all categories.

You can find a copy on their website.

Please feel free to pm me.

SpikeStoker Tue 19-Apr-16 20:33:11

St David's College, Llandudno in North Wales had always had an excellent reputation for kids with dyslexia. While North Wales may seem the back of beyond Llandudno Junction station is on the London to Holyhead west coast mainline with a very good train service. Good luck with your search.

pepperpot69 Thu 21-Apr-16 03:14:54

Schools with good rugby coaching and dyslexia provision are - Sedbergh inCumbria, Merchiston castle, Edinburgh (excellent D&T too) Strathallan, Perthshire or Malvern College, Worcs.

ReggaeShark Thu 21-Apr-16 04:19:12

Bedstone college in Shropshire. Heard it's brilliant for dyslexia and they play rugby. DS's dyslexic, very sporty friend is there and loves it.

ReggaeShark Thu 21-Apr-16 04:21:59!!!/

mutteroo Fri 22-Apr-16 08:02:00

Wow OP my son's old school literally fulfils all your criteria!shock He went to Bedes in East Sussex. Used to be called St Bedes when he started there. Around 40% board (about 300 pupils in 5 houses) When DS was there 4 years ago around 70% stayed for weekends. 25% expat or pupils who come from abroad & it's an easy distance from Gatwick Airport. My son boarded & there was always something to do at weekends. Plenty of pizza/curry/pancake etc nights. The intake is non-selective. Academic results are good but obviously we are not talking the Tonbridge level of A level A* /A grades.

As for dyslexia support, when DS was there, there were many pupils on the severe end of the scale. You would need to check this is still the case. My son had severe processing issues & the support he received was outstanding & teachers were all aware of his needs. Because there were so many at the school with some level of support, he didn't feel uncomfortable.

The Senco dept was the second most important aspect when considering the school. (1st was boarding/housemaster). Third was the sports facilities which are amazing. If rugby is your son's passion, then he'll be in his element as there are teams for the seriously committed through to those who play for fun. Weirdly my DS went off the game at 13 & decided he preferred every other sport on the planet instead. He went on to try most of them at Bedes! The Art dept is considered to be one of the best in the UK & again I can only speak from experience when I say the teachers are also superb. My son owes his DT & Art A grades to his teachers who did more than she needed to get him there lazy teenager syndrome.

I'm gushing a bit but it's because I truly believe it's a fab school. My son is all grown up now so he tells me & he looks back with a lot of fondness at his time there. There's an abundance of activities on offer & he didn't have time to be bored. It's definitely worth taking a look at.

happygardening Fri 22-Apr-16 08:43:46

How "severe" is your DS's dyslexia for example is he statemented? My DS has "moderate dyslexia" not classified as severe because he can read, he has spent time in both from experience my advise to you would be send home to a CreSTeD registered school. Moderate/severe dyslexia is very poorly understood in the mainstream and if he needs lots specialist input and support these type of schools are likely to be the best places to get it because the SENCO dept will have lots of experience and what is being done and suggested by the SENCO has a greater chance of tricking down into the mainstream lessons.
I'm afraid I can't suggest anywhere but if you go on the CReSTeD website they have a list of approved schools in both sectors.

sparechange Fri 22-Apr-16 10:23:26

Millfield is well known for both sports and support for dyslexia

NOTIFICANHELPIT Thu 27-Oct-16 19:47:22

Frewen college is advertised for dyslexia BUT it is not a caring school anymore and even bullying with a knife is ignored. BE careful if this school is suggested. My daughter was there until the new head took over and has now refused to go after too much bullying and an awful head.

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