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Talk to me about High Wycombe upper school catchments

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BoyMeetsWorld Sun 17-Apr-16 20:18:51

Talking Wycombe central, not any of the nice villagey bits.

We have to make a choice between two houses.

One we love but catchment would be Cressex Community as closest upper school. The ones coming up on Right move school checker within area are only that or Highcrest Academy, Bourne End Academy and I think from memory one at Flackwell Heath perhaps. According to current Ofsted, Cressex is best of a bad bunch.

The other house isn't hugely better...Highcrest is listed as its default upper school, it's out of catchment for Cressex. But does seem to give Princes Risborough as being in area too.

My eldest is not looking likely to pass 11+ at this stage (though who knows...he has 4 years yet). His preference would be Princes Risborough anyway as all his mates are going there, but Ofsted has actually rated Cressex higher this year. It's reputation precedes it though.

For the size of house we want, we are unlikely to afford anything in a better catchment . Totally in love with the first one But Cressex worries me.

Would welcome all thoughts on the above, including experiences with those schools are gaining places outside of catchment areas. High Wycombe is just so tricky!

BoyMeetsWorld Sun 17-Apr-16 20:22:04

Oh the other option for 2nd house would apparently by Holmer Green senior which also didn't get a great report...

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