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Secondary creative private or state schools London-

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Booboo1979 Sun 17-Apr-16 07:28:31

Due to some unforeseen potential changes I am looking into moving back to London and have the nightmare of looking into schooling for my creative going to be year 7. She is academic enough but loves performing arts, design and art. Away from the fact this is terrible timing I want to find out your opinions on schools in London that are really good options! We will be East London but maybe be dependent on education requirements.. Any constructive advise would be amazing!! I do have primary age kids too but need to get this one sorted as priority!

AnotherNewt Sun 17-Apr-16 07:36:23

Can I just clarify? Is she year 7 now and you need a place this summer term just started?

Or will she be starting year 7 in September?

This might make no practical difference, but I was wondering as one is an ad hoc place out of a main admissions round, the other would mean joining in (very late) the main secondary school transfer admissions.

Also, if performing arts are her thing, would you/she consider auditioning for the BRIT school in Croydon in due course?

LIZS Sun 17-Apr-16 07:39:37

Brit school starts at year 10. You are really coming very late to September admissions and may well have to settle for whatever you can get or go on waiting lists once you arrive. Is state boarding an option? If so try RAAS or similar.

Booboo1979 Sun 17-Apr-16 07:53:40

Yes very late indeed! Yes she has a place where we live now in the West Country. I know of Brit school but don't want to push that side things too much as still too young and as you say that's not for a few years, but would be good to know if schools that enjoy and promote those subjects also. I have to research ideals first and then work out a plan. I have looked at Forest School for its location to East London where I can appeal. Again any thoughts welcome! I realize this is VERY late in the process!!

PettsWoodParadise Sun 17-Apr-16 13:52:23

Townley Girl's grammar in Bexley have a strong dance and drama curriculum as well as good academic results. There is only a little movement in school placed but it does happen, so getting an in-year place would involve a place coming up and also sitting a test.

Independent schools - Sevenoaks school is amazing and has a wide variety of opportunities and its theatre space is the envy of some professional theatres.

MN164 Mon 18-Apr-16 11:42:49

I think you need to prepared to do a lot of phone calling and meeting a lot of schools to find the ones that could have a place that isn't filled from waiting lists.

I would imagine this is going to be a hard process with lots of "rejections" but you only need one place so persistance is key.

Good luck!!

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