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St Albans Girls School - catchment

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nononsencemum Thu 14-Apr-16 23:13:27

What is realistically the furthest you can live to get into St Albans Girls School? We will be moving the house soon and hoping for a place at the above school for my daughter next year. We are looking into AL1 postcodes (near St Alban & St Stephen Catholic for my sons) however not sure if AL1 postcode is not too far from AL3 postcode (St Albans Girls). Is there anywhere I could check what the catchment area was like last year namely how many places were offered to AL1 postcodes? Also on a different note a question to those whose DD attend STAGs - how do you rate the school and does your DD like it? Thank you

nononsencemum Thu 14-Apr-16 23:22:14

I should have added - we are also looking at Sandringham School as well as Loreto Catholic College for our DD. What the catchment area is like for these two namely are they 'less oversubscribed' than STAGS and as such higher chances to get in if living a bit further afield? Also any info as to how your DD is geting on at the above schools would be really appreciated. Thanks

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