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year 10 disruptive behaviour

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Sharon19713 Wed 13-Apr-16 11:09:46

My 15 year old boy has persistent disruptive behaviour resulting to many exclusions and limited lesson timetable at the moment. I am in the process of changing his school but can only go through the managed move process meaning he would go back a year and be on a probationary period meaning his current school would have to take him back if things did not work out.

My concerns are that my son will be going into a lower year (which he is quite happy to do) but what happens if he has to go back to the original school regarding his timetable and options? I am even exploring home schooling my son if this school move fails. I would be grateful of any advice, I live in Vale of Glamorgan, Wales

bojorojo Wed 13-Apr-16 14:59:14

So the new school is putting him into Y9? My guess would be that he would have to carry on with being a year behind, otherwise he will, effectively, be trying to do the y11 curriculum without ever doing y10. You could get this clarified by the schools concerned.

I would also make sure the new school has a curriculum that might suit him and keep him motivated and interested in lessons, particularly if he would like BTecs rather than a full complement of GCSEs. . I am not saying he is not capable of GCSEs but sometimes finding practical subjects a child is really interested in does help with behaviour. Good luck.

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