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Haberdashers Askes Hatcham College, New Cross, London

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Brizzie Sun 10-Apr-16 00:01:12

Hi there. We are trying to decide whether to move out into Kent into the catchment of a good state school or to stay where we are and send our son to Haberdashers Askes Hatcham College. We have heard mixed views about the school with some saying that it is resting on its laurels and not academically challenging. Views also differ depending on whether the person has a son or daughter there. Does anyone have any feedback on what the school is like now as the previous thread I found was from 2011. Thanks

Adarajames Sun 10-Apr-16 00:14:59

You realise Askes don't work on catchment automatically assuring places but interview / application process? So no guarantee your son would get in even if you live right next door!

Ffffffftttttttt Sun 10-Apr-16 07:33:52

I just looked on their website. They admit some on musical ability then the remainder on the usual criteria (looked after, medical reasons, siblings, distance). They have a bonkers system for all applicants doing a NVR test so they can set by ability. NVR is disappearing elsewhere as an assessment tool as it can be prepared for and only picks up a certain type of skill. Have you visited there op? What do people say?

newname12 Sun 10-Apr-16 07:45:49

Adara i think you may have the wrong askes. New cross admissions is fairly standard, as fttt said- looked after, medical, siblings, distance.

My dc's cohort applied last year. We went to look round but as you say o/p, i got the resting on laurels feeling. Some of my dc's friends really liked it though, and were really happy to get in. I have a cousin there who is doing really well in yr 10.

There are other schools though, this area has pretty good choices. Kingsdale, crystal palace harris, forest hill boys are 20 mins by train. I have heard good things about deptford green recently. New cross is pretty good for transport, so extend your search...

MissTurnstiles Sun 10-Apr-16 13:08:15

I'm sure you're aware of this, but it's grammar schools in Kent - so don't move anywhere unless you would be happy to send your child to the non-selective option.

If nothing's changed in four years or so then it's HA policy to teach in single-sex classes, which may or may not suit your DC.

Brizzie Sun 10-Apr-16 22:43:28

Thanks for the feedback. This was the last year that Hatcham College did the banding tests and from next year it will be based on places going to 60 kids from the feeder school, then looked after children and siblings and then proximity to the school to make up the 208 places available. There are a lot of good non-grammar state schools in Kent too. Askes is our closest school so if it is good we'd prefer to stay where we are.

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