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Tutors - finding one, how to know if a tutor is any good? (London - Kensington)

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pdxs Tue 05-Apr-16 10:31:00

Hello - a colleague of mine has 2 children (11 & 13) who are in the process of switching from an international school in London to a mainstream UK school.

I recommended tutoring to help prepare them with the transition as the changes have been tough (will be 3 schools in 3 years). As my colleague is from overseas she is not sure how to engage a good tutor in the UK system. I'm also a bit out of the loop myself not having children of that age

What questions should she ask to establish if a tutor would be a good fit and effective?

Does anyone have any recommendations for an agency/individual tutor? Family are based in Kensington area in London

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

MagratGarlikAgain Sun 10-Apr-16 11:58:03

I'm a tutor myself, but not London based and usually work with students older than this. However, I'd say look for an independent tutor, rather than an agency. Most tutors who work exclusively for agencies are inexperienced and you'll be paying a good deal more than the money the tutor will actually receive. Due to the nature of the work required, I'd also say to look for a full-time tutor, or an experienced teacher who tutors, rather than a student doing it on the side.

Ask to see certificates, DBS etc and sit in on sessions, so you get an idea what goes on, ask for references from previous clients, if available. I'm always happy to have parents sit in, if they wish.

Take a look on The Tutor Pages for tutors, many that I know of advertise on there.

Rezolution123 Sun 10-Apr-16 16:24:53

First Tutors is a very reliable website.
I am a tutor on their site and have also used them as a parent.

jeanne16 Mon 11-Apr-16 08:04:19

Si would always want a teacher who is working in a school as they understand the curriculum and the various exam boards. Some of our pupils have tutors who are students themselves and while they may know the content, they have no idea what the exam boards want.

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