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Parents of Year 11DC support thread. The final term.

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OhYouBadBadKitten Wed 30-Mar-16 14:53:16


ExitPursuedByABear Wed 30-Mar-16 14:59:13

I tried to post this on t'other thread but it was full!!!!

OYBBK There are lots of make up tutorials on You Tube if she isn't up to speed. Does she have a friend who could do her make up for her?

DDs prom dress isn't ready yet. She phoned yesterday (they said after Easter) but the woman she spoke to was very vague which gave DD a serious case of the heeby jeebies worrying that they had sold her dress to someone else. The horror! But all is well but the alterations are not yet finished (obviously not even started). And of course she needs the dress before she can buy the shoes. And what is she going to do with her hair?


And breathe....

Dreamgirls234 Wed 30-Mar-16 15:01:46

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ExitPursuedByABear Wed 30-Mar-16 15:08:08

DD's school offers an incentive for Sixth form with financial amounts for A/A* grades. Have to say I was quite disappointed when one of DD's classmates stopped bothering going to the Maths revision classes as she has been through school on a full bursary and only found out at the Sixth Form Open Evening that her full bursary carries on in to sixth form so it doesn't matter how she does in her GCSEs. Seems like the wrong attitude to me but hey ho.

Actually I wasn't that disappointed as it meant we did not have to take her home after the classes - her mother cannot drive more than 3 miles from home confused

Dreamgirls234 Wed 30-Mar-16 15:11:36

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

OhYouBadBadKitten Wed 30-Mar-16 15:11:39

Yay you found it. Tried to do it on my phone and it was all going horribly wrong.
Exit, that would suppose she was interested in the idea grin we are nearly on the town.- dragged dh out too as he's off work.

Wish me luck. What does she need? Lipstick, eye shadow, concealer? Oh we should have planned this expedition!

Dreamgirls234 Wed 30-Mar-16 15:16:25

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Dreamgirls234 Wed 30-Mar-16 15:25:57

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

OhYouBadBadKitten Wed 30-Mar-16 15:34:38

We are at Bare minerals as ud lady is on holiday. How do we not spend a fortune - lady is putting stuff on at the moment.

Dreamgirls234 Wed 30-Mar-16 15:38:08

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

OhYouBadBadKitten Wed 30-Mar-16 15:51:31

best put it on my card then!

needastrongone Wed 30-Mar-16 15:53:20

Checking in.

DS has revised some Ad Maths this morning, I'm not sure what the plan is for this afternoon/evening.

228agreenend Wed 30-Mar-16 16:21:35

Found the new thread.

We seemed to,have settled in a routine of two subjects in the morning, two in the afternoon, and the Tassomai in the evening, with lots of computer games in between. Ds does seem to be doing a lot of reading, and not much testing, despite a range of revision books sitting on the shelf.

dc's school has very tough a-level requirements. On his mocks, he missed the requirements by about 5 points.

No,prom to,worry about here. He goes to an all boys school and hasn't mentioned any end-of-school activities. I love having boys, but feel am missing out on this whole prom experience.

Icouldbeknitting Wed 30-Mar-16 16:22:15

Thank's for the new thread. It is all getting a bit final, I've had my hair cut this afternoon and worked out that my next trim would fall in the exam period. It's made it more real somehow.

HesMyLobster Wed 30-Mar-16 17:09:19

Hooray, found you all! grin
Thankyou for starting the new thread - I had a moment of panic when I saw the old one was full - made me realise just how much I've started to rely on the support of this little group!

DD is doing a full day dance workshop today and tomorrow - she took some revision work with her to do during breaks/lunchtime and is planning to do a couple of hours this evening but I feel a bit jittery for her!

The other girls she dances with are mostly planning to carry on with dance/stage schools and hoping to make a career of it, whereas for dd it has never been anything more than a hobby, albeit one she adores and puts a lot of work into.

So it's difficult sometimes to know how to get the balance right between hobby and studying. I don't want to stop her doing something she loves, but at the same time don't want her to risk her exams for it.

How are all your dcs doing with their extra-curriculars? What is the right balance?

OhYouBadBadKitten Wed 30-Mar-16 17:14:06

We escaped! Lady was lovely, wrote it all down, gave us enough foundation for the evening. I just bought the eye shadow for the moment and we are going to see if any vouchers get emailed.
Bag also bought

This following the timetable is working pretty well so far. Giving dd half the afternoon and the evening to have time off.

Dreamgirls234 Wed 30-Mar-16 17:17:47

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

OhYouBadBadKitten Wed 30-Mar-16 17:18:31

Extra curricular stuff was a bit of a challenge in the term time. It's much easier without school in the way!

I think it's important to have an outlet but dd is backing right back on quite a lot of her other stuff in favour of doing not a lot between revising.

EllenJanethickerknickers Wed 30-Mar-16 17:21:37

Thanks for the new thread and the reminder about Mr Bruff. DS2 has spent at least half an hour watching Mr Bruff YouTube videos on English GCSE exam techniques! It's a miracle. grin

EllenJanethickerknickers Wed 30-Mar-16 17:23:49

And on the prom, is it just a boy thing that I've got DS1's old suit dry cleaned and that's about as much preparation as we'll be doing? [smug]

Icouldbeknitting Wed 30-Mar-16 17:27:45

Here it's business as usual with extra curricular activities. DS plays in a brass band, they need him to be there so it's not something that he can put on hold for two months. If he needs to he could dip out of rehearsals with the second band because they aren't as serious about it and would be happy for him just to turn up for concerts. If he gets himself organised then he shouldn't need to miss a rehearsal, there shouldn't be any need for last minute panic revision. He's looking to study music after A levels so he needs the experience and also needs to have his face seen in the right places.

Had he passed the audition he would have been away all of this week on a residential - I was relieved that he didn't get through.

derektheladyhamster Wed 30-Mar-16 17:37:51

So ds has mislaid all his physics stuff. Notes, text book & cgp revision guide. I'm assuming they must be at school - but of course, is anyone there? We'll try the housemaster and hope its been found so we can collect it. Thank goodness for tassomai!

As an aside, I don't suppose anyone has an online code for the edexcell igcse physics revision book they don't want. Bit of a long shot I know....

Dreamgirls234 Wed 30-Mar-16 17:49:55

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ExitPursuedByABear Wed 30-Mar-16 18:24:11

Dd is having to to do the horse everyday as I am out of action. So with mucking out, riding, sleeping and the boyfriend her revision seems a bit squeezed.

needastrongone Wed 30-Mar-16 18:56:11

DS is away this weekend doing his D of E Silver practice expedition. He will do his voluntary work Friday and will continue his paper round.

DD (Y10) will have to do the pony, we will scale back the competitions though next year. This year, from this weekend, there is a competition every weekend, plus some during term time, as she will ride at Horse Trials and County Shows and possibly HOYS (if it goes as well as it did last year!!). The school support this though, to be fair.

Does teach them organisation and time management I guess...

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