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Looks like DS won't be able to finish Y12 - Options?

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MEgirl Wed 30-Mar-16 10:03:42

He might not be able to take his AS exams due to ill health. We are due to have a discussion with the school about options but I'd be interested in hearing from others who's child has been able to repeat Y12 or gone on to do other things instead. DS wants to go to Uni to study engineering so the exams are important. We've looked at higher apprenticeships and foundation courses but he'll need A levels for all of them.

BertieBotts Wed 30-Mar-16 10:05:07

Does your local FE college offer A Levels?

MEgirl Wed 30-Mar-16 10:14:02

They do but the colleges have a poor reputation in this area. He is studying Maths, further maths and physics. I haven't yet been able to find a college that teaches further maths.

ChopsticksandChilliCrab Wed 30-Mar-16 10:27:39

Regarding the Maths- has DS looked at There are brilliant video lessons of most of the FM courses on there. FP1, FP2, S2, M2 are covered plus some of the M3 course. All the A level course is covered. Once DS is fit enough he could pretty much self-study using just the website and past papers.

noblegiraffe Wed 30-Mar-16 10:35:06

Lots of students repeat Y12 so his school may allow this especially as it's not his fault.

The Further Maths Support Network may be able to help you if he wants to study further maths but the college doesn't offer it, they may have a centre he could study at.

ScOffasDyke Wed 30-Mar-16 10:39:31

My daughter dropped out of year 12 in the February due to ill health, she'd missed a lot of lessons and coursework deadlines. Her college allowed her to start the year again, she did well and is now at a top uni.
The biggest problem was keeping her happy and occupied from Feb through to Sept, as she was despondent and lonely. I'm very proud of the way she coped, keeping most of her old friends and making many more in the new school year

mummytime Wed 30-Mar-16 10:42:21

DD is also out of college and planning to restart year 12. She had Glandular Fever at the start of the Spring term, and was already suffering stress.
She is hoping to do the Princes Trust this summer, we are discussing Gold D of E, and I kind of wish she didn'thave to go back.

MEgirl Wed 30-Mar-16 11:04:29

Thanks everyone. Lots of good stories and useful tips. I'll pass them on to DS. Like others, he's feeling rather despondent at the moment as sees his future as lost. We're trying to encourage him to see all of the opportunities available and explain that missing a year isn't such a bad thing, especially as he is August born.

SparklesandBangs Wed 30-Mar-16 11:13:36

In both my DC schools there were at least 2 pupils repeating Y12 it's very common

OneMagnumisneverenough Wed 30-Mar-16 11:14:05

I'm not sure what age year 12 in England makes him, but I saw that Network Rail have a really good engineering apprenticeship scheme - they live away for the first year so a bit like going away to Uni, I'm sure they need to be 18 though.

supplysam Thu 31-Mar-16 12:11:50

Students are "entitled" to 3 years sixth form education. However, they will only be funded if they progress to the next level, each year. Most schools will offer one or two unfunded places each year to deserving students, and it sounds like your son should fall into this category. Are the school satisfied the absences are genuine? Forward copies of all evidence you have to the school before the meeting.

The alternative is changing schools, as your son did nothing at school B this year, then any course he takes next year will count as progressing.....

MEgirl Thu 31-Mar-16 12:16:16

We're waiting for the school to get back to us with a date for a meeting. I have lots of notes from both the GP and the specialist. Beginning to run in to trouble with other DS as he has the same problem but it started a few weeks later and he has somehow been managing to go to school a bit more. Our GP has been seeing him and is the most helpful doctor going. DS2 has been in lessons though isn't feeling up to revising for exams but I can't get a straight answer out of him. He's not keen on repeating the year but I'm not sure whether he will get the requisite grades to continue.

It's such a mess. Sometimes I feel like I'm climbing the walls and want to hide away myself. Then I have to remind myself that I need to keep it together for their sake and I an fall to pieces once they've left school.

mummytime Thu 31-Mar-16 15:34:34

Supplysam - I'm not sure you are correct as my DD's sixth form college has a lot of people repeating a year (usually transferring in from other places). And my son restarted sixth form at a new school, transferring in to do a Btec and A'level.

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