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living in harlesden

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taklimanaj Wed 30-Mar-16 00:39:17

Hi, would be appreciated if gets response of my concerns, i have decided to move to Harlesden, nw10 9hx area from Westminster as wanna settle down with three children aged 14, 8 and 2 by home swap. currently in 2 bed moving to 3 bed, before didnt want to move that area as heard bad things but as it is hard to find swap or council house and liked the house decided t move. But really worried as will be new area and schools place as well. My eldest one is year 10 now , second one in primary and other one nursery, primary dont really bother but worried with secondary and sixth form. My husband drive so can manage rest of the year but I am not happy with her current school either and 3 gcse she is doing this year and rest of them next year, so any idea what would be best for me and suggestions about secondary schools, changing a year 11 student or getting a place in school looking at my postcodes. thanks a lot

NWgirls Wed 30-Mar-16 09:38:58

For your 14 year old I local options include:
- Convent of Jesus & Mary, which I have heard pretty good things about, I know one happy girl there, and results OK. Girls only.
- QPCS (Queen's Park Community School), where I think the 6th form is pretty good. Currently recruiting a new head.
(- I am NOT a fan of Capital City - nice building but a turnaround (or basket?) case. Check latest ofsted. Would avoid)

But not-so-local options possibly better: Take advantage of you being a short walk from Neasden tube - the jubilee line is great (fast and frequent) and if she gets good GCSEs I am sure many 6th forms will want her - eg Harris Westminster if great. Do NOT only look at schools in Brent - you are near to 5 or so other boroughs so you can cast your net widely - do some research, including in Westminster, Hammersmith etc. And you never know, even brilliant schools might have an occasional space open up.

Yes, Church End estate has a bad reputation, not helped by recent events a couple of stone throws away. The parts of Harlesden that are nearer Willesden Green or Kensal Rise have become more trendy and gentified in recent years, and the area is a vibrant and multicultural part of London.

For your 8 year old, look at Leopold primary - it had fantastic results (especially given the deprived area) and was rated Outstanding for the longest time, currently Good. If the old head is still there it should be great, but I don't have direct or recent experience.

Good luck!

taklimanaj Wed 30-Mar-16 16:59:22

Oh thanks for detailed quick response, convent of Jesus is a Catholic school ? As I am Muslim would they normally accept ? searched a lot about secondary and found the new schools in Wembley Ark academy , Michaela community school seems doing good , How is the chance of getting a place from my postcode? And if if I wanna apply in other borrough do I have to apply in their website? Thanks a lot again

NWgirls Wed 30-Mar-16 18:38:46

Hi again,

I don't know those two schools - I hope someone else will respond about them.

But to get a general sense of which schools are oversubscribed (popularity in year 7, not 10!), and a quick overview of admissions criteria, have a look at
and also
which states that non-Brent schools should be put on the Brent CAF form, as far as I can see. (But I claim no expertise in this)

Yes, Convent of J&M is catholic - but also take others, and as it has not been oversubscribed the last couple of years so it may not be so difficult to get in - but it will all depend on whether they have a space in year 10 (or year 11 if you try for September). Given the level of diversity in Harlesden, and the fact that it is not normally oversubscribed, it would surprise me greatly if they don't already have quite a number of muslim pupils - a good question to ask them. (If you don't want her to attend, then of course don't apply)

Copied from last page of the Brent secondary brochure - apologies for long post!

Neighbouring local authorities

Tel: 020 8359 7651

Tel: 020 7974 1625

Tel: 020 8825 5522

Tel: 020 8901 2620

Tel: 01895 556 644

mary21 Wed 30-Mar-16 18:41:40

You also need to think about what boards the schools do for exams. The syllabus might be different. It can be hard to move into year 11. I might be better for your eldest to commute to Westminster the find a new school/college for sixth form

MissGintyMarlow Wed 30-Mar-16 18:42:01

Michaela sounds like an amazing school, I'd go for that if you can

taklimanaj Wed 30-Mar-16 18:42:06

Oh thanks a lot for cooperation

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