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South Hampstead High - so whats's wrong with the school?

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dadwithadaughter Mon 28-Mar-16 06:56:23

We have a 6yr old at Garden House in Chelsea. She has a huge personality, good at most subjects but not top of the class except in English and reading. She is good at drama and generally adventurous but not great at sports.

We are just beginning to look at day and boarding schools for when she is 11 and well on top of the boarding options, of which there are many great choices. Not so for day schools.

I will be coming back to this group later for help with identifying the best schools in Central Lindon for my DD; but for now, we recently inspected South Hampstead and I was pretty impressed. There don't seem to be any recent threads on MN about this school since they moved into the new building.

What are we missing? Does anyone have strong views either way about this school?Are there more suitable alternatives between Hampstead and Chelsea?

MissGintyMarlow Mon 28-Mar-16 17:06:57

What a weird and negative thread title, nothing is wrong with the school at all, people don't start threads on here to praise schools to the skies, generally, so I would assume no news is good news. As for more suitable alternatives there are lots of girls' schools in central London, GH should advise you on what might work for her.

Ladymuck Mon 28-Mar-16 18:18:59

Would echo the concern that the title is a bit odd. I'd say there are a reasonable number of posts on the school, all of which seem to be favourable, especially since the new build. The head is moving on of course, but the most to MCS would be seen as a promotion still, but you have a number of years ahead to see what happens.

notquiteruralbliss Mon 28-Mar-16 18:45:00

Wasn't impressed with it at prep school level (moved DD to somewhere faster paced / more tolerant) but it may be better at secondary. What about Latimer?

MN164 Mon 28-Mar-16 19:19:01

Chelsea to Hampstead casts a very wide net.

St Pauls Girls
Godolphin and Latimer
Latymer Upper
City of London Girls
Lady Eleanor Holles
Francis Holland Regents Park and Sloane Square
Putney High
Notting Hill and Ealing
Queens Gate
St James's

Of course, I've just listed out private schools but there are a wealth of state, church and other schools too.

The job is not to find the mythical "best school" but to find the very real "best school for my child" which is are two amazingly different things. The best school method is frankly crock. It's time to get your most comfortable shoes on and do some serious visiting of schools.

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