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Alexandra Park School and Fortismere - Muswell Hill

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amberblueandgreen Thu 24-Mar-16 08:18:38


I'm aware that this is a question that's been asked in previous years, but in the spirit of "things change" and because it now presents us with a choice I'd like to ask it again.

We're in the fortunate position of having a DD who now can choose between Alexandra Park School and Fortismere in Muswell Hill, North London.

We've spoken to as many people as we can and read all we can find, but would still really appreciate hearing people's experiences of these schools. Esp if you happen to have a kid there currently.


mickmills Wed 30-Mar-16 12:55:06

I was following this in the hope that someone would have something interesting to say, to add to what I know.
Not at either school yet, but in the area. I think APS is felt to be more of a true "comprehensive", due to it's catchment area. Interestingly though both catchment areas have massively increased for the Sept 2016 intake, not sure why.
Fortismere's open day was decidedly unimpressive and there is a feeling that they don't need to try to impress. Friends who chose not to apply there after the open day felt they were too arrogant to bother.
The results from Fortismere are excellent, they seem to be a good fit for an already capable and academic child.
The APS headmaster is far more inspiring then the Fortismere head. The ethos at Fortismere more liberal.
To go around each will give you a feel for which school would best suit your child, as they really are quite different.

amberblueandgreen Wed 30-Mar-16 17:34:34

Yes. I thought there might be a little more interest sad

Not sure re. catchments. TBH I think it's Fortismere's catchment that has expanded most. APS just a little. I suspect it may be that Highgate Wood has improved and so a number of people probably went for that instead.

I got the sense from the Fortismere Head's open day speech that she was reassuring those who'd spent the £ to be in the catchment that they were going to do everything necessary to keep up the schools track record. Nothing wrong with that per se. But if you compare both of the last Ofsteds - I think you see APS focussing more on the child and less on the grade (than Fortismere).

It's a theory...

RaskolnikovsGarret Fri 01-Apr-16 22:25:37

My DDs didn't go to either in the end, but we hated Fortismere and loved APS. The head and teachers were so inspiring. The Fortismere staff seemed smug and uninterested, and tbh the existing parents and children seemed a little that way inclined too. Obv a generalisation, but the children at APS seemed so enthused. We thought it was great.

Crouchendmumoftwo Thu 07-Apr-16 23:40:00

Sorry I can't give you an experience of the schools. I went to see both and have friends with children at both. I loved APS and my husband loved Fortismere. APS is more popular amongst my friends and many have moved into the catchment to get in there recently. More people also apply to APS now. I felt that there was great passion and vitality at APS that would enthuse the children in their learning and really make their school experience enriching and happy. I felt Fortismere was a bit flat and uninspiring to be frank, it didnt blow me away at all, it felt a bit shabby and out of touch (technology and presentation was outdated etc) - I was not prepared for that. My husband feels our academic sporty son would do well there as he is an old kid in his year and quite independent. Our daughter is very arty and not so academic and young for her age so I feel she wold thrive at APS. Very tricky she wants to go to the same school as her brother, but maybe they go to different schools! My son is very sporty and I have heard F is not very sporty either which is a shame, you cant have everything I know. Anyway, maybe Im overthinking it! Sorry I cant be more help.

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