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ACS Egham

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Madstar2 Wed 23-Mar-16 21:56:27

Hi - I'm looking for feedback on this school. Being an international school, is there is a large student turnover? Is it an American culture? How does it perform academically compared to other private schools? Any feedback very much appreciated. My son will be going into year 9 and daughter year 6. Thank you.

mummytime Thu 24-Mar-16 09:58:42

It has an american ethos, and follows and American curriculum. I think Cobham has a break down something like 40% US, 30% British and the rest other countries. It sits different exams from most other private schools, but for IB I think they do pretty well, you can look in the IB website to find out how their results compare.
I would expect there is some turnover as one of the selling points is that you can easily slot into and adapt from other American schools.

gregorsmum Thu 24-Mar-16 11:14:06

I am a parent of two children at the school, and have been since 2004. The comment from mummytime is not accurate, especially as it refers to Cobham which, although part of the ACS group is very much a different kind of school. ACS Egham does NOT have an American ethos, at all. It is very multicultural and welcoming to children from all backgrounds and nationalities. Currently there are students from around 40 or so countries. The American group is no longer the largest. The turnover is reasonably high but there does seem to be a greater core of students who are there for much longer and a growing population of local families who want to give their children a different school experience. My children are both very happy. Also, personally, I think student turnover can make children more resilient as it prepares them for adult life when very few of live in one location surrounded by the same people for log periods of time. Academically, students do well. It may not quite be up in the echelons of the very top private schools but compared to the vast majority it more than holds its own. The IB curriculum is rigorous and demanding but there is plenty of academic support and children are encouraged to exploit their own learning styles and intelligences. Like all schools, there are things that could be improved but the school management is responsive and encourages feedback from parents. I hope your children will enjoy it there as much as mine do.

gregorsmum Thu 24-Mar-16 11:32:16

Madstar2. I should add that I am also British national and have lived in UK for most of my life. So have been through British system myself (O levels, A levels). I would much rather have studied the IB. I think it is just a more well-rounded, broad curriculum. If you have any more questions, I'd be happy to help. Sure the school can put you on touch with me directly. If you have a daughter going into Year 6 in September she may well be in the same year as my younger son. (if you are using the UK year bands descriptions). That is the one Americanism that the school still carries - using the Kingergarten - Grade 12 year labelling rather that Year 1 - Year 13 as the British schools do!

GinandJag Thu 24-Mar-16 19:12:46

I worked there for a bit.

It does have a large student turnover but I'd say that there is a core of at least half that will see their whole education at the school. The kids who drift in and out are used to constant change so hit the ground running.

The culture is not dominated by any one nation. It is truly international. The main American influence is in numbering their grades.

It's a non-selective IB school, so their grades are a bit lower than those from IB streams in grammar schools and selective independents. Their scores are on the website. You can match these up to course requirements on UCAS.

I liked the atmosphere of the school. Learning was cool.

GinandJag Thu 24-Mar-16 19:14:08

Mummy time - ACS Egham is IB. Nearby TASIS offer (or used to offer) IB do US diploma.

mummytime Thu 24-Mar-16 21:44:47

I know Egham is IB, but I meant it's a more US style curriculum idea in the younger years. I think these schools are hard to compare with non-international private schools until the end, as only IB diploma is really comparable.

GinandJag Fri 25-Mar-16 04:23:40

The do the IB Primary Years Program and Middle Years Program as well as the Diploma. It's IB throughout!

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