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DfE Strategy 2015-2020: Have you read the White Paper?

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tantrumresolved Mon 21-Mar-16 17:16:09

Have posted this in the other Education thread too, but think it's important enough to spread a little more widely ...

With all the noise around last week's education news in the Budget, I wonder how many people have actually read the White Paper that was the source of it all. Here it is:

It's 128 pages, but if you're interested in Education it's worth reading, or at least skim-reading.

So much of what we get in the press and on social media is second hand interpretation, and not all of it accurate, that I think it's always good to go back to original sources to check what has actually been said.

JWIM Mon 21-Mar-16 17:51:29

Yes, in answer to the OP's question.

It is grim reading. Verbose, flowery prose and no substantive 'unspun' data to support the proposals.

JWIM Mon 21-Mar-16 17:56:20

Here's one statement from the White Paper about school land owned by LAs where a school is converting to an Academy under the proposals:

4.12. The majority of academies currently lease their land from local authorities, typically over a 125 year lease. To speed up the process of academy conversion and ensure that land issues do not get in the way of improving schools, when a local authority’s community schools convert to academy status, land held by the authority for those schools will transfer to the Secretary of State, who will then grant a lease to the academy trust. We will also take steps to ensure that the wider education estate is safeguarded for future provision, and that the existing school estate can be used more easily for new schools and expansions where applicable.

What will the SoS do with all that land? Not sure what it does for Gov't finances. What is the consequence for LA balance sheets? Will Tax Payers (nationally to put the SoS in funds to reimburse the LAs) or Council Tax Payers (to address any reduction in LA balance sheet)?
So much the White Paper doesn't say.

How about really think of the children.

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