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Quest Academy - Croydon (Previously Selsdon High)

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sandi50 Fri 18-Mar-16 18:48:41

My son has recently been given a place at Quest Academy. I'm a bit concerned as i haven't heard good things about the school. I also read the statement given from the headmaster regarding the poor exam results. I was concerned that the headmaster didn't come across as being supportive of the students and gave reasons such as high percentages of ethnic minorities whose first language is not English as reason for the poor achievements. I live in New Addington and the schools available in that area are some of the worst in Croydon. I dont live in deep enough to be taken into consideration for Bromleyy Schools. I would be extremely happy to hear from any parents who have children at quest and what they have experienced to date.

Mumofmanychores Sun 20-Mar-16 08:40:57

We moved from Addington a couple years ago for this very reason of schools. We were quite lucky to get into a Bromley school from the part we were living (fieldway). Unfortunately I have not heard any positives about the quest.

From Addington I would gave thought you would be in catchment for Shirley high which is a good school, or Charles Darwin (Bromley school) which quite a few Addington children attend.

My niece got into Harris Bromley 2 years ago and Charles Darwin but declined both as they then git into Warlingham school in Warlingham from the waiting list

With the quest it's all hear say. You might actually like it when once your child starts. Also the only other option really is to get your child on the waiting list.

tash640 Wed 11-May-16 09:47:21

Hi my son goes to Quest and by and large we've been fairly happy with it - I've PM'd you - more and more locals are sending their kids there isn't it ironic though that lots didn't want to because of "new addington" kids - their words not mine. If people worked as a community then you wouldn't have all this nonsense - busing kids out of the area makes this country more divisive than ever.

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