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BTEC PE - Compulsory?

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VodkaGirl77 Tue 15-Mar-16 20:58:52

Asking here for advice before I decide if I need to do anything further.

Just been at dd1's Year 8 parents evening. She has got to make her GCSE option choices by next week. Compulsory - she has to take GCSE English Language & Lit, Maths, Combined Science, ICT and BTEC PE.

The issue I have is that dd is very academically bright - predicted 9s in all subjects. She hates PE and has no interestin taking this subject to BTEC level.

My question is, I know children have to have PE lessons but is it standard to have to do BTEC PE? The other question is - do universities, particularly Russell Group, look down on subjects like this?

Thanks in advance for your help

tiggytape Tue 15-Mar-16 21:06:59

It isn't compulsory in many or most schools. But some schools do have set subjects that they insist all children take.
R.S is a common one because, like P.E, it is compulsory for the school to teach it beyond KS3 so some schools reason that the students may as well get a qualification in it.
Other schools have option blocks which mean that a student taking drama can't also take music or a student taking art cannot also do photography. It depends on the size of the school and their timetabling.

As for university - if DD gets level 9's across the board, no university is going to be at all put off by a BTEC in P.E. If anything, it will show she has breadth.

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